You'll Love This Pop Up Changing Room

Pop Up Changing Room

The Weisshorn Pop Up Changing Room is a nice combination of features that many campsites would benefit from. Campers and hikers will find that using these products will increase their ease of camp set up and use and comfort. 

Most of the products are made of high-quality materials and will last for many years, providing many happy customers with numerous camping trips with their trusted popup tent.

The main characteristic of this text is its large double-sided inner zipped door. It allows campers easy access to the interior, storing their equipment, or stowing their things for future trips. 

Even though it is called a Pop Up Changing Room, many models have a solid base that locks into place. This is great when leaving your tent behind at a campsite.

Pop Up Changing Room for Campers

The product has a lightweight aluminium frame, which is easy to assemble and set up. All of the parts are securely welded together, and the product weighs in at less than 5lbs. Many people who like to backpack will appreciate this compact size and ease of setup.

The zipped door can be completely closed if you want a more private area, or it can be left open so that others can check out what you have laid out in your tent. There is even an external pole that allows you to hang your backpack from it!

The large double-sided inner tent covering comes with an attached rain fly, making cleaning up much easier. The pockets on the outer side of the cover snap together to create a secure closure, and the larger storage pocket even includes an adjustable and removable fleece-lined storage pocket for added organization. The large double-sided inner material keeps water from leaking through, even on windy days.

Pop Up Changing Room

The Pop Up Changing Room covering is made of ultra-soft polyester, and it is extremely durable. Even on a cold, windy day, the tent is designed to keep inside dry and warm. 

More importantly, this lightweight Tent comes with separate sections for showering and toilet use with proper drainage holes and adequate ventilation for comfort.

The product is very easy to assemble, even for those not very handy around the tent. You unfold the tent to expose the fly and the main body of the tent. Then you zip the door shut. 

All of the gear is then conveniently zipped into a storage bag that you can carry along with you on your trip, keeping it organized and easy to find when you need it. The only thing that may be difficult is getting the zipper to zip shut without bending down.

The fabric used for these Pop Up Changing Room is breathable and waterproof, which makes them easy to maintain. The maintenance is so easy it only takes about ten minutes a year, depending on how much use you get out of the tent. 

Since it does not have any side seams, the airflow is great between the panels, keeping you cool during the hot summer months. During cold winter months, the same airflow will help keep your body warm, making for comfortable sleeping even on the coldest nights.

Since the Pop Up Changing Room has been designed with backpackers in mind, it is very lightweight. While some of the other brands may seem like they are built for bulky campers, the Weisshorn Pop Up Changing Room is made with lightweight materials, so it is easy to carry and easy to set up. 

The seams are reinforced on all corners, so no worries of them coming undone. It also has an easy setup process, making it suitable for first-time campers and seasoned campers alike. It will even fit into most car campers.

Pop Up Changing Room