Weisshorn Shower Tent With A Guarantee That They Will Last

Shower Tent

The Weisshorn Shower Tent is the newest shower tent on the market. It has all of your showering needs in one easy to use package.

From privacy and shelter to a place to change clothes, it’s got you covered! The Weisshorn Shower Tent is perfect for camping trips or any outdoor activity where you need an ensuite shower. You can set up camp right next to it and enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Get ready for your next camping or hiking trip with this totally awesome Weisshorn Shower Tent. It’s designed to be strong and stable, so you don’t need to worry about it falling down when you’re half way through showering or changing in the middle of the wild.

 It also has some fancy features that will make your trip more enjoyable – such as extra headroom and storage pockets for all your toiletries.


The Benefits of Shower Camping Tent

The benefits of a shower camping tent are many. You can take a shower in your own campground, without the need to go far from your campsite. 

If you’re camping with family or friends, they don’t have to walk over and wait for their turn at the public showers. 

It is also more hygienic than washing up in a bucket with water and soap (and it’s easier on your back).

A great benefit of this type of tent is that you won’t get wet when taking a shower because it has an elevated platform with walls around it for privacy and protection from wind or rain. What else could make camping better?

The camping shower tent provides privacy and reduces the risk of sharing a public community shower. 

The shared showers can harbor fungus, bacteria, and other contaminants on floors; you could get an infection without wearing sandals or bringing your own towel to wipe surfaces down before usage. 

However, with these camp shelters for personal space in private areas like beaches during holidays or forests when camping away from amenities at base camps reduce risks by providing cleanliness that is much needed after outdoor activities


  • Large double sided zipper door
  • Sturdy fibre glass poles – Strong structure
  • Cross-pole roof –
  • Extra headroom
  • Removable rain cover – Better ventilation
  • Hanging hook -(can add bar to hang clothing and towel)
  • Mesh flooring –
  • Great water drainage system
  • Handy storage pocket
  • Pegs and ropes included –
  • Maximum stability
  • Carry bag included
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Ideal for camping, beach events, trade shows, clothing vendors, etc.

The Weisshorn Shower Tent is a portable, lightweight tent that can be set up anywhere. It comes with a carry bag and it’s suitable for beach events, trade shows or vendors who need a temporary changing room. The shower tent is made of durable polyester fabric which resists water, sand and sun damage.


Brand: Weisshorn
Fabric material: 190T Polyester
Pole material: Fibre glass
Capacity: 1-2 person
Size: 120 x 120 x 215cm
Colour: Green

Package Contents:

1 x Shower Tent
1 x Carry Bag