Big Group? Get the Weisshorn 12-person Dome Tent

12-person Dome Tent

Weisshorn Family 12-person Dome Tent is an all in one family camping shelter that offers many features for the family. It is a great tent for any family with five or more members. 

The 12-person Dome Tent has one large front living area for eating, where there is room to eat comfortably and arrange the other rooms in the tent. This family camping shelter can easily be folded for storage and transport to the next camping site. This family-friendly tent has mesh windows along with doorways, making it very comfortable for cooking.

The 12-person Dome Tent has twin doors along with mesh windows, giving the best of all worlds. With the large mesh windows, there is even more airflow inside the tent. 

This allows for lots of fresh air to enter the tent, providing a fresh and clean sleeping environment. If you like to cook while you are camping, then this is the tent for you. The mesh windows also provide good ventilation for ensuring that your food does not get spoiled.

The 12-person Dome Tent is very easy to set up, being that the tent has double walls. There are no ropes or stakes to deal with, making this tent very easy to set up. For the smaller children, it is easy to tie the tent onto a tree with one end fitting into the trunk of the tree.

For larger children, they will have to use two poles to secure the tent onto the tree. Even though it is quite sturdy, the mesh windows and door make this tent very easy to assemble.

The 12-person Dome Tent has a very large front door with four large and two small flaps. The tent is quite lightweight and easy to carry, owing to its lightweight design. This tent also comes with detachable mosquito netting, which will prevent you from getting mosquito bites when outside. 

At the rear of the tent, there is a ladder that is quite easy to use. There is also an attached rain fly, which can be used for extra protection against heavy rainfall.

12-person Dome Tent

The 12-person Dome Tent is easy to set up even by kids, owing to its strong yet lightweight construction. It comes with handy steps that guide you through the process. The instructions are clear and concise. The tent is quick to erect and is even easier to dismantle. It is also very easy to assemble even with two adults. Even two children can put this tent up together fairly easily.

The 12-person Dome Tent is spacious enough to accommodate two adults and their child (if they are big enough) on the lowest floor. Because the tent is on a large front door, it does not leave much space for other things, most obviously food and supplies. 

That said, there is plenty of room in the tent for storing the things that you do not want to be seen. For example, the fly sheets can be stored inside the large front door, and the tent can also be used as a sleeping bag when one is sleeping on the ground. Even for those who consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts, the tent is not an ideal place to snuggle up.

Despite its size, this tent has been designed to set up small shelters in the garden or around the back yard. To ensure that the top does not blow away in a high wind, the entire structure is set on four small poles. 

However, this set of bars can easily hold a twelve-person tent, making this a good option for large families. One can even leave a small child in the tent with a friend for added safety. This is especially important when children get older since they can get injured from falling over.

The 12-person Dome Tent comes with an excellent pole design. It easily bends to any angle and is even compact when folded up. Since it can easily be set up in any direction, this type of shelter can even serve as a garden shed. 

However, most are surprised by how comfortable it is to sleep in since the tent’s floor is wide and the entire structure offers adequate room. Campers will certainly be pleased with the patented Gore-Tex material that allows for superior protection against the elements.