Big Group? Get the Weisshorn 12-person Dome Tent

12-person Dome Tent

Guide to buying the Best 12-Person Tent


The Best 12 Person Family Camping Tents are the perfect choice for larger families or groups of friends who love roughing it outdoors. 

These tents offer innovative technologies, features and designs to meet your needs as an individual camper no matter what size you’re traveling with.

For a great camping experience with your family or group of friends, the 12-person tent is an excellent choice. 

You are sure to find the perfect tent for your family camping needs with these helpful tips. 

We recommend taking time and creating a list of what exactly you need from it before starting shopping, as every camper has their own priorities when buying something like this.

12-Person Family Camping Tent: Is it for you?

A 12-person dome tent may seem like an immense bed for families or groups of 6 to 8 people. However, we reckon they are perfect size as it can accommodate up to three adults and four children at one time.

12-Person dome tents are great for camping if you want a comfortable experience when away from your family and friends. 

The extra space means that the person sleeping in one will not have their feet or elbows bothering other people, as well they can spread out with plenty of room to spare! 

In addition this type offers more living area than smaller models which may come handy on cold evenings where everyone just wants something warm against them at night time.

12-person Dome Tent

The Weisshorn 12-person Dome Tent is an excellent choice for those who want to sleep close to nature. Made from heavy-duty UV-resistant 190T 3000mm PU, including the flooring, with elevated seams to ensure unrivalled waterproofing. 

Mesh windows provide ample ventilation and keep bugs out, while the oversized zipper doors allow easy in and out. The dome design means that you won’t have poles or stakes sticking into your back while lying down – a common problem with other tents on the market.

The tent has many features that make it stand out from the rest. Inside, there are organiser pockets for storing your personal items and side windows with canopies to provide more air openings and protection against rain or sun. 

Standing at 190cm at the front, this tent offers lots of headroom with a front entrance shade awning for covered entry and exit.


  • 12-person dome tent
  • Heady duty 190T 3000mm PU
  • Two private sleeping rooms
  • One large front living area
  • Oversized zipper doors
  • Entrance shade awning
  • Mesh windows
  • UV and water-resistant
  • Ropes and pegs included

Brand: Weisshorn
Fabric material: 190T Polyester PU3000mm
Pole material: Steel & Fibre glass
Capacity: 12 person tent
Tent size: 620x244x190cm
Carry bag size: 74x30x30cm
Colour: Green

Package Content
(1) Weisshorn 12 Person Camping Tent x1
(2) Carry Bag x1
(3) Assembly Instruction x1


The Weisshorn 12-person Dome Tent is the most spacious tent on the market. It can fit up to 12 people, making it perfect for groups of friends or families with children. The dome shape provides more headroom than other types of tents, so you’ll feel like royalty.