Tips For Buying The Best Sensitive Metal Detector

At the workplace or anywhere in the home, a sensitive metal detector maybe your best friend. It is easy to overlook items around the house that can be exploited by a thief, such as a jewellery box or potted plant, when you are looking for things to put in your purse or briefcase. 

Some detectors have very powerful capabilities. Others are not powerful at all. A sensitivity device that is too weak to detect metal objects may not work well for specific applications and can produce false results during certain scanning procedures.

For example, you can use a metal detector called a pinpointer detector to zero in on a particular metal object without too much difficulty. The metal detector is sensitive enough to locate metals with an index size that is below 1.5 microns. 

These devices are usually powered either by electrodynamic induction or by a battery. They are designed to operate in a range from approximately twenty feet to over one mile. Most pinpointer detectors are available with optional accessories like a case or carrying case.


A more versatile sensitive metal detector is the multi-frequency sonar, which has the advantage of being able to pick up sounds at a lower frequency than those used by other types of metal detection devices. 

A transmitter and receiver are installed at different distances apart to use a metal detector that operates in this low-frequency spectrum. The closer the transmitter is installed, the stronger the signal is. You can get stronger alerts using a transmitting tower with several concentric radio dishes. The signal strength is usually measured in decibels.

A more robust metal detector called a full-swing sensor operates at a higher frequency and generates stronger signals. The device can rotate in two dimensions, horizontally and vertically. 

It is similar to a tabletop metal detector but can detect metals in the atmosphere much better. With a full swing detector, the operator can select from a range of about thirty to forty feet. There is a separate feeder that delivers the results directly into a meter stick.

Sensitive Metal Detector
LCD Display Metal Detector


The most advanced and sensitive metal detectors are those that incorporate an integrated scanner. A scanner that functions in this way is a computer that combines superheterodyne and electromagnetic techniques. Instead of detecting magnetic fields, they scan for lead, antlers, bones, and any other substance that might be concealed in the ground.

 A digital display lets you know exactly where the beam has hit the item. Also, the computer stores data so that you can go back and look for a match later on.

A very sensitive metal detector is a CZ camera. It is very precise and can even determine the thickness of a metal object by measuring the magnetic field emanating from it. 

The video camera records the results and stores them digitally. This is ideal for searching for metals buried deep underground. Even though it costs more than other types of metal detectors, it will give you more detail and save valuable time.

If you want a sensitive metal detector that comes with a warranty, you should try getting one from CZ. They are considered a leader in the industry and have a reputation for making high-quality products. As long as you follow the recommendations provided by the manual that comes with your equipment, you should have no problems.

 But if you are not sure, you should consult a professional first. While these machines are ideal for special situations, you would do well to keep them in the arsenal of your business car or van.

When you have a sensitive metal detector in your vehicle, you know your life will be safer. Instead of having to drive through the woods to look for the next metallic find, you can leave the job to someone else.

 You can also spend less time in the middle of the night searching for something that may have gone off the road. Whatever you use your detector for, you will be glad you have one when you are involved in a situation that requires one.

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