Top 5 Campsites in Australia

No. 5 of Top Campsites in Australia

Lucky Bay-Cape Le Grande is one of the most visited Campsites in Australia.

The best holiday destination in Western Australia, providing a wide range of camping areas, caravan parks, beach resorts and water sports.

The beautiful coastline offers great sights to see along the beach with beautiful beaches, sand dunes and rugged cliffs.

There are plenty of campsites in Australia and caravan parks located at various locations along the coast.

With plenty of water activities such as boating, jet skiing and other water sporting equipment, you’ll have plenty to do on your holiday!

Make sure to take the time to check out the many water activities available in Western Australia, you’ll be surprised at some of the great sites available to explore.

Lucky Bay-Cape Le Grand is a great place for family holidays, to go to and stay in a camper van. With plenty of campsites in Australia, caravan parks and beach front accommodations, this holiday destination is perfect for any style of family.

Your family will love the variety of activities you can participate in while you explore this beautiful area of Western Australia.

There are plenty of exciting water sports and views available to everyone in this region.

There are also a number of caravan parks to choose between. With so much to see and do, it will be a relaxing and enjoyable holiday for all.

Lucky Bay View
Lucky Bay
Cape Le Grande National Park
Robe camping

No. 4 of Top Campsites in Australia

Things to Do at Robe Campgrounds – South Australia

Robe campsites in Australia-South are quite unique in the sense that they were formed to be an alternative for the more traditional “tourist trap”.

They cater for backpackers and other people coming to the land for the short holiday or a longer stay.

Some of the common things you will find here are beautiful scenery, cleanliness, privacy, and a lot of it for the low price.

This area is known for it’s scenic cliffs, waterfalls, and walking tracks. It has some of the best National Parks in Australia like the Pilbara, Longreach, Medicine Mountain, etc.

Robe campgrounds also have a variety of accommodations, some of which are family friendly and others such as RV sites.

There are campsites in Australia that also have stores, service centers, and amenities for recreational vehicles. There are also backpacker hostels that provide free accommodation and even some serviced apartments.

There are other things to do at Robe campgrounds. This area is popular for great walking tracks. If you want to try your hand at white water rafting, there are some wonderful rivers to try out.

You can also go on a horseback tour through the woods if you want to get in touch with nature and get your body in shape.

There are plenty of things to do at these campsites in Australia-South, so pack your bags and don’t forget to take a lot of sunscreen.

No. 3 of Top Campsites in Australia

Cape York – Far North Queensland

Cape York is an hour away from Rockaway Beach, a popular surfing spot in the region and about a three hour drive from the main city of Brisbane.

Although a bit far from the major tourist attractions in the area, it’s still worth stopping to have a look around.

The camping grounds at Cape York are well developed and offer plenty of facilities and services for tourists, locals and visitors from out of state.

Here are some things to do in Far North Queensland when you’re there: 

Far North Queensland is a great place to visit if you’re into water sports.

There are several fishing harbours along the coast, where you can fish (and get bitten by the sealies) as you enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural beauty of this coastal region.

“Cape York Campsite is definitely the best place for some remote camping adventures in Australia,” says Steve Martin, owner of the Campsite. “We’ve even seen seals. It’s really amazing.”

If you’re a camper, you’ll love Far North Queensland because there are plenty of Cape York camper parks for you to stay at.

The camping is varied; there are self-contained accommodations with attached bathrooms, fully furnished units complete with microwaves, and luxury cabins that are self-contained.

The campsites in Australia also offer fantastic meals, including barbecue meals, but you’re more likely to find freshly made meals on the beach at the nearby cafe.

The beaches at Far North Queensland are generally well groomed and safe for swimming, however, some beaches are considered private and you should always check with the campground manager before leaving.

Most Cape York camping-far north Queensland campsites are on ocean beaches, so if you’re wanting to get away from it all, you can opt for the campsites next to the sand.

Here you’ll be able to spend the better part of the day sipping lemonade and watching the waves crash down on the coast.

Cape York
Cape York Far North Queensland
Cape York road sign
Red Bluff

No. 2 of Top Campsites in Australia

Red Bluff Campgrounds-Western Australia

Red Bluff Campgrounds in Western Australia is located on the banks of the mighty Swan River and boast spectacular views of the water.

This makes it a popular site for water sports, especially in summer. If you love the beach, you will enjoy the surfing and other water sports offered at these campgrounds.

Some of the activities that you can enjoy are boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking and horseback riding.

The Red Bluff campgrounds are best known for their outstanding scenery and numerous activities.

Most of the campsites at Red Bluff are located on its four major beaches: Sandbanks, Palm Beach, Fortescue and Point Diano.

You can find a place that is both quiet and has some beautiful places to walk along the beach.

There is also a walking trail leading to the sea front where you can take pictures, swim and watch the beautiful sunsets.

You will find several stores and restaurants near the beach so you can eat, relax or do water sports during your stay.

Another feature at the Red Bluff campgrounds-Western Australia is the opportunity to camp wherever you want, as long as it is legal.

They also offer caravan parks, caravans and camper hire services that can give you the convenience of campsites while you stay in Western Australia’s most popular holiday destination.

If you are looking for an enjoyable holiday experience, there is no better place to go to than Red Bluff.

No. 1 of Top Campsites in Australia

Campsites In The Cape Range National Park-Western Australia.

Cape Range National Park is located in the state of New South Wales in Australia.

The park, though large in extent, is divided into two sections namely, Coranderrk and Bilinga regions.

One can view the magnificent natural beauty of the park through water sports and mountain hiking trails which can be easily accessed from one of the many campsites present here.

There are plenty of things to do in the park and this is what makes it a popular tourist destination.

Camping in Cape Range National Park is one of the most preferred activities of visitors coming here for camping.

Here you will find several things to do like walking, trekking, fishing, swimming, viewing animals at nearby parks, enjoying scenic drives and riding on the caravans, sailing, rock climbing, surfing, horseback riding, etc.

If you are camping in the Southern Cape, you can have an excellent time with some water sports.

There are plenty of places in the park to enjoy water sports such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, rafting, golf, and fishing.

There are also some excellent campsites in the region which offer luxurious comforts for camping.

There are many Cape Leaverd and Mudgee campsites which are popular among backpackers.

You will get awesome scenic views of the water through the telescope in these campsites.

The other campsites in the park are situated at elevations of around 15 meters or so and provide good places for resting during the nights.

The views from all the campsites are great and you will be able to see the different seasons of Australia very clearly.

It will not take long for you to reach the Cape range from one of the campsite you have chosen for your stay.

Once you are done with your exploration of the serene landscapes of the region, you can make some campfire food and cook them over a big fire which is common at most of the campsites in Australia.

Cape Range National Park Yardie Creek
Campsites in Australia