Stand-up Paddle Board is High-quality And Affordable

Stand-up Paddle Board

The Weisshorn Stand-up Paddle Board is a very lightweight, high-quality inflatable paddle board. It is designed for speed, agility, comfort, versatility, and durability. Let’s look at the product overview and some performance comparisons to help you determine if this is the right inflatable paddle board for you.

The Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board is made by Weisshorn, a company that has been in business since 1969. They are considered a leader in the industry for producing high quality and affordable inflatables. The first Weisshorn was created as a product for the Air Force, allowing them to practice their martial arts moves without risk of falling. 

This board offers the same performance as a full-size water scoreboard, except you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping out of the slip-in. The air cushion assures you that you will stay securely inflated throughout the exciting ride.

The overall design of the Weisshorn Stand-up Paddle Board is similar to many of the other air bounce boards available, but the way it is crafted makes them unique. There are two panels attached to the board, one on each side.

One panel contains a thick foam core that conforms to your body, while the other acts as a shock absorber. These specially sculpted panels are designed to provide a smooth ride while also reducing the effects of swaying and bumps.

The second panel of the board is lined with soft vinyl. This gives the rider a comfortable feel, but it also absorbs shock and provides additional grip. There is a nylon zipper across the top of the board, enabling you to lace up and remove the padded bungee cord easily. The sturdy nylon straps make it easy to ride.

Stand-up Paddle Board

One of the unique features of the Weisshorn Stand-up Paddle Board is the ‘Kerb Flip-In’. The patented ergonomic design allows the rider to flip over the board, making it very easy for them to gain comfortable control. The flip-in offers two positions – one for upright riding and one for downhill. 

The deck is designed to allow for the most extraordinary versatility in using the Kerb Flip-In. In either position, the rider can quickly reach over and grab the handlebars to steer the board, which is a great feature when riding off-road or in an area that is not secure.

The Weisshorn Stand-up Paddle Board also features two unique features that set it apart from traditional paddleboards. One of these features is the padded bungee cord.

 While most companies use plastic webbing, the Weisshorn uses a high-quality vinyl that is highly durable and completely waterproof. This cord is padded to ensure maximum comfort and support.

Another great feature of the Stand-up Paddle Board is patented design allows the rider to gain effortless control over the board by simply flipping over the board with one hand. When first purchasing, it may be tempting to hold the board between your knees, but this isn’t recommended. Instead, grasp the board between your wrists with your fingers, using the flat part of the palm to flip it over. This provides the rider with the most stability during a ride while still allowing them to have full hand freedom to steer the board.

The Weisshorn 11FT Stand-up Paddle Board offers all of the features mentioned above in addition to two unique features that make it an excellent choice for riders of all skill levels. These include the Kerb Flip-In and the Pro Throttle. Both of these innovative designs provide the rider with the stability they need to ride any water sport and allow them the freedom to move their legs and hands on the board during a ride. Now get out there and discover the revolution of the water with this fantastic inflatable paddleboard.

Stand-up Paddle Board