Enjoying The Best Single Biker Swag Tent

Single Biker Swag
  • 14oz 400gsm water repellent ripstop canvas
  • 500gsm PVC waterproof floor
  • Durable 7001-6T aluminium poles
  • 10cm extra high floor edge prevents dew leak in
  • Breathable inner fabric
  • Sky demo mesh for full scenery
  • Extra height and foot space
  • UV resistant – reduces heat accumulation
  • Mesh panels for insect protection
  • Mesh door for better ventilation
  • Top flap and mesh can be fully zipped down
  • Heavy duty zips
  • Comes with pegs and guide ropes
  • Bonus 4cm thick foam mattress
  • Comes with carry bag
  • Easy to set up

A Weisshorn Single Biker Swags Tent offers top quality construction and design at a price that won’t empty your piggy bank. It is well made, lightweight, and highly durable. 

The Single Biker Swags Tent has room for two people to get into the ground comfortably. The tents are easy to set up and takedown. The tent is very durable and will not leak due to heavy use or weather condition.

The Single Biker Swags Tent material is lightweight and comfortable for all types of weather. The tent is water-resistant and can be used for many different kinds of campgrounds. The tent also will not hold up to high winds. The zippers are sturdy and durable, and the tent even has an emergency pull out kit.

The Swags Tent is about ten pounds lighter than some other biker tents. This means you will never have to worry about taking a heavy tent with you when you go biking.

Some campers do not like the idea of camping in a tent because they believe they give off too much heat when there is no breeze. However, with the ventilation holes and even a light breeze, the tent still keeps the air inside. The mesh windows allow plenty of airflows which will keep you very warm during even cold nights.

Even though the Single Biker Swags Tent is very lightweight many campers find it to be comfortable. It is one of the better models of tents that were made. Many of these are made with suitable quality materials that stand up well to wear and tear.

Many campers prefer to purchase a tent rather than a trailer since the tent is so easy to transport and set up. Many are surprised at how easy the tent is to assemble. 

It is one of the few companies that offer a do it yourself kit. Most stores that sell the Weisshorn products also sell the do it yourself kits. The instructions are included and easy to follow.

At camping, there are nights where the heat is too hot or cold. When bugs make themselves at home in your shelter. 

Weisshorn Single Biker Swag can hold up during these times better than other tents on the market today because of its versatility and reliability that campers need to survive outdoors with comfort.

It’s not fun when you go camping but then realize that it isn’t holding up very well under all types of weather conditions including rain, snow, wind etc. A good tent for this would be our ever-reliable single biker swag which has made itself a favourite among customers.

The ultimate tear-resistant waterproofing is a Ripstop canvas cover, 500gsm PVC flooring and an extra 10cm high edge all round. 

The zipped openings provide fresh air to sleep on any surface with 40mm foam mattress support under the poles structure design which hold up the entire set up.

And of course, you get pegs and guide ropes to help make your camping experience unforgettable for all the right reasons. You will also receive a carry bag as well as extras that’ll come in handy during those memorable times spent outdoors.

Swag Tent Canvas

Canvas material: 400gsm Ripstop
Floor material: 500gsm PVC
Mattress thickness: 4cm
Base dimension: 212 x 90cm
Height: 58cm (Maximum), 42cm (Minimum)
Carry bag dimension: 60 x 37 x 37cm
Weight: 6kg
Colour: Dark Grey

Package Content

1 x Weisshorn Single Biker Swag
1 x Assembly Kit
1 x Mattress
1 x Carry Bag