Portable Sink Wash Basin Great for Camping or Home

Portable Sink Wash Basin

Weisshorn Portable Sink Wash Basin comes with built-in shock absorbers for added comfort on camping trips. This Portable Sink Wash Basin is ideal for families with growing children who enjoy the outdoors. 

The Portable Wash Basin is lightweight and comes in a handy carrying case that fits easily into your vehicle’s trunk or console. It comes with two separate wash baskets for washing both your clothes and cleaning tools.

The built-in wheels for easy transport make it easy to bring your basin to the campground. The basin includes convenient bottle holders and mesh pockets for keeping hand soap and other cleaning supplies separate. The unit also comprises suitable built-in feet for easy washing of boots. 

The built-in wheels are also easy to remove, making it simple to move the unit from one place to another. The basin is protected against spillage with an exterior swing-out cover. The built-in wheels make it easy to wash any fabric, even socks.

Another great thing about the Weisshorn Portable Sink Wash Basin is its easy cleanup. No need to line up your clothes before you start washing them. You can now use your hand wash basin to rinse and dry your clothes in the same way you do with your dryer. Just add hot water and a gentle cycle to get your clothes ready for the campground. 

The Wash stand can be used for washing infant clothing and baby towels. For adults, the Wash stand makes it convenient to dry off your hands before you resume your activities.

Unlike ordinary hand wash basins, the Weisshorn Portable Sink Wash Basin does not spin or tumble when you push it forward. The Portable Wash Basin has an automatic button for switching between washing and drying. The basin can be used as a washing machine as well. All this means that you can put your custom-designed design on the inside and have it dryer or tumble dry in the same way as a regular handwashing machine.

Portable Sink Wash Basin

For the most practical use, the Portable Sink Wash Basin can be converted into a laundry. There is a separate hook on the side for hanging clothes to dry and a button for turning the hand wash basin. When you want to use the dryer, the handle is pushed down, and the dryer activates. In this way, you can dry several items at one time without ever running out of the dryer again.

If you plan to do more washing  than usual in your travels, the Portable Sink Wash Basin is the perfect solution. The wash basin can be hooked up to the waterline. 

Then, hooks attached to the wall next to the hooks on the basin allow you to hang your clothes on them. Instead of taking several bags of clothes to the dry cleaners, you can get all of your laundry done at home without ever leaving your car or being late.

When you’re washing children, it’s especially important to select a Portable Sink Wash Basin with an internal spray head that gives you added convenience. If you want to spray your child’s bedding or any other small item, it’s a hassle to have to move the spray head from the hand basin to the object you’re washing. 

But, with the internal spray head attached to the basin, there’s no need to move the nozzle from the hand basin to the attached nozzle, so you can spray wherever you need to, just as you would with a regular washing machine.

There are many reasons to consider a Portable Sink Wash Basin. For one thing, these devices are very helpful in the event you have to take someone with you who is ill or disabled. 

And since you’ll be drying clothes inside the Portable Sink Wash Basin, you don’t have to worry about damaging the fabric by holding the wash basin above your head. The basin also prevents you from staining clothing by keeping the material directly on the clothes instead of transferring the stain through the transfer cloth.

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