Safety and Stability Portable Power Inverter

Portable Power Inverter

The Giantz Portable Power Inverter is the latest innovative high-performance IGBT inverter technology that offers higher power conversions for all types of electrical appliances. 

This is because this device uses a Copper magnetic core. This means that all types of household electronics and electrical equipment can be converted into AC electricity through the use of this inverter.

Giantz Portable Power Inverter is known for its reliability and stability in power consumption. A user can get immense benefits from this inverter. It is an electronic device with two D.C. plugs. 

It is equipped with two-phase AC voltage converters. It has a compact size, flexible wire size and heavy-duty dual power AC/DC power inverter.

It Has Excellent Power Saving Features

This inverter is built with the latest Inverter Technology that provides high reliability, enhanced performance and excellent warranty service. 

Giantz Portable Power Inverter is highly efficient that provides approximately 50% more power than conventional inverters. It is the perfect combination of compact size and excellent power saving features. The inverter can easily handle heavy-duty audio/video appliances.

Giantz Portable Power Inverter provides high reliability and high-speed operation, offering the consumers a long term power solution. 

It can handle most of the appliances and is widely preferred among consumers due to the enhanced reliability, safety and enhanced performance features. 

It has been equipped with various user inputs that can be used in the integration of different circuits.

Pure Portable Inverter

Giantz Portable Power Inverter can be conveniently installed in high reliability and durability electronic devices such as fridges, computers, DVD players, VCRs, cable modems etc. 

Due to the high reliability and durability, the devices can be installed in all weather conditions. It can be efficiently used in any room and the power usage can be controlled to suit the requirement.

Giantz Portable Power Inverter has dual outputs that provide power to the attached appliances. It can be conveniently installed in dual 12V sockets. 

Giantz inverter is provided with an automatic detection circuit that prevents the under-running of one or the other of the sockets. This helps in reducing unnecessary power consumption from your appliances.

Giantz Portable Power Inverter has various functionalities. It allows you to perform both hot and cold water feeds on any connected device. 

It has separate controls for switching between the two types of feeds. Giantz inverter has an integrated thermostat, which enables the device to provide the correct operating temperature. 

The thermostat can also be programmed to switch automatically during the morning and evening as per your convenience.

Giantz Portable Power Inverter reduces the risk of damage to electrical appliances. It can be conveniently installed anywhere. You can use it even in a car. 

So, installation of the device is not at all time consuming and takes very little time. You can enjoy the benefits of this power inverter even after its purchase.

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Portable Power Inverter

Giantz Portable Power Inverter is the perfect alternative for those who live in remote areas. In the case of regular electricity supply, the regular replacement of batteries may become problematic. You may have to carry the heavy device from one place to another.

Giantz inverter is the perfect device that can solve this problem and convert power into AC power that can be used directly by your appliances.

Since the device is capable of functioning on battery backup, you do not need to carry out the task of changing the batteries regularly. It works on its own. 

If you are using other inverters for your home appliances, you need to make sure that they also work on auto-pilot mode. In case, if any of the devices malfunction, then it will automatically switch over to battery backup mode.