Get Cozy In A Thermal Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

The Weisshorn Single Thermal Sleeping Bag is perfect for camping trips, day hiking and travelling. It is lightweight, fully lined in faux leather with an elasticized waist for extra comfort. It also features a quilted mesh cover for added protection from moisture and prying eyes. The Sleeping Bag is extremely durable and long-lasting. There are even welded seams on the dual zipper panels for added durability.

The Sleeping Bag is very lightweight and compact, and it is designed for easy mobility. The front flap of the bag zips open for easy access to all of the pockets and compartments. This is great for campers or hikers who need an alternative to the traditional sleeping bag. They can easily toss their bag in the back of a truck or carry it by hand if it is lightweight enough. 

There are plenty of small mesh pockets on the inside of the Sleeping Bag that is easily accessible, and one of the inside zippers opens up for a few inches allowing you easy entry to your sleeping bag. The zippers close securely on their own, so you do not have to worry about them getting out of hand and causing an accident.

The zippers open wide for a secure fit. There is plenty of room in the Sleeping Bag for comfortable packing, and there are no odd bulges or rolls that can mar the look of your bag. The bag also has some internal padding to help distribute pressure and keep you warm when you are sleeping.

It is breathable in an ultra-cushy soft fibre that makes for a wonderful night’s sleep. The large adjustable, non-removable shoulder straps make it easy to carry, and the zippers stay firmly in place without leaking or struggling.

The Sleeping Bag is lightweight enough for any camping trips you might take. The faux fur lining is soft to touch but great for keeping your arms and legs warm. The zippers also easily open for ventilation. You will love how easy to use they are for quick changes of clothes and roll them up for storage. The synthetic polyester lining is durable and will be kept looking great for years to come.

Sleeping Bag

This Sleeping Bag is fully equipped with two poles and one guy rope to help set up your tent. If you have never done this before, this setup is easy. You will want to have someone helping you to measure to get your tent size correct. You will also need a level and a hook to hang your gear from.

You will not have any trouble finding this great sleeping bag because it is such a popular brand. They are sold in many sporting goods stores as well as online. You can find the perfect bag for your camping trip, and you will love the quality and the price. 

If you plan to buy several in different styles, you may want to consider getting them all in the same style so you can save some money on the shipping.

You are not going to have any problems finding one that will work for you. You can find them for camping trips or just a night at home. You can choose from a wide selection to choose from. They come in many colours so you should easily find the perfect one to match your tastes and your decor.

For anyone who loves camping, this is a must-have Sleeping Bag. It will provide warmth and protection for any occasion. It will also allow you to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while being fully protected from the elements. There are so many options in stores right now, but this one is definitely worth the look.

Sleeping Bag