Free Camping Australia

The big outdoors

Whether you wish to call it wild camping or free camping Australia, pitching a campground away from paying paid campsites is certainly one way to economize when visiting Australia.

The expense is usually paid for in full by the state, and the reward is often enough to make even the hardiest backpacker smile. But not every tourist experiences free camping and enjoys it.

people camping in the wild
free camping Australia

Is free camping Australia for you?

Some campers choose a more off the beaten path option of free camping when travelling around Australia. These are campers who are prepared to hitchhike and walk through most of the wilderness of Australia, camping wherever they want.

There’s no need for accommodation, and no need for tickets or accreditation: free camping Australia means just getting out there and having a good time.

Many backpackers who take this approach to free camping head out from Melbourne in the south, following the Great Dividing Range, an arid and windswept landscape dotted with wind chimes and other nature trails.

The big outdoors

Others choose a more permanent place to sleep and may opt to camp on private property. Most private land in Australia is open to the public, and some campsites allow backpackers to set up camp at no cost.

Some campsites also offer private water access, meaning that you don’t have to fill up your own drinking water (a boon if you’re staying at a site where there aren’t showers).

If you’re going somewhere remote, it’s worth doing research into the location beforehand to find out about the availability of utilities, as well as whether there’s a ranger station or campfire.

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