Why The Double Swag Deluxe Tent Is the Best

Weisshorn Double Swag Deluxe Tent is known for its patented high-quality poles and double weave nylon lining. The Double Swag Deluxe Tent is manufactured by Weisshorn, a pioneer in outdoor recreation equipment and design. The double weave nylon lining resists moisture and keeps out the damp while providing a dry and safe camping ground.

The Double Swag Deluxe Tent is easy to set up. It is a large structure that requires minimal supervising. Each corner of the tent is double stitched. The walls and ceiling are constructed from a lightweight polyester/ Olefin fabric. They also include internal mesh pockets to keep your gear cool and protected from the wind.

All the interior material used in the tent is designed to withstand windy conditions. The double weave poles provide stability and longevity. The tent is designed so that no two sections move while the tent is fitted together. The Double Swag Deluxe Tent liner has been purposely engineered to prevent double stitching at the seams.

The Double Swag Deluxe Tent are lightweight and durable. They are highly versatile in use. These campers can be used for all recreational pursuits – from backpacking to fishing, hiking and climbing. 

Because they have a longer ‘footprint’, they cost less per day than conventional double cabins. Double Swag Deluxe Tent have twice the roomy interior as an average double cabins tent, allowing you to store more of your gear and supplies.

Double Swag Deluxe Tent can be stored in the yard or parked next to your home. In this way, you do not need to erect a permanent campsite. If you are not planning on using the tent during the summer months, there is no need to pay the high fees associated with erecting permanent campsites. With this tent, there is also no need for costly mosquito netting. The fact that these campers can be stored in the yard makes them highly portable.

Double Swag Deluxe Tent

The Double Swag Deluxe Tent, double poles provide a strong and steady hold with no splitting. This is a selling point for the double swag campers. They offer support for the knees, hips and back, with the double weave making great strength and flexibility. Each side of the double swag campers offers insulation, keeping your body heat in, which is important for your extended outdoor activities.

The frame of the Double Swag Deluxe Tent is made out of ultra-light, durable polyester fabric with an aluminium frame. There are no welds or rivets, and the entire pole is securely welded, ensuring longevity. The material is extremely lightweight yet offers extreme strength and comfort. 

Many models come with a carrying handle and an accessory bag for storage. Some even include an umbrella pole. You will find that the Weisshorn Double Swag Deluxe Tent are extremely comfortable and versatile in all kinds of weather conditions.


The patented All-Weather System on the double swag campers allows the airflow through the inner tube. This allows maximum airflow through the tent. This means you get the utmost protection against wind, rain, snow, hail, sun and everything else Mother Nature wants to throw at you. 

No matter the conditions outside, these campers are ready for any activity you wish to embark on. You can set them up right away or take them down when you decide to go on a picnic or hike.

If you want a little more comfort, there are also options available with additional double-wide panels and feather mattresses. If you’re going to go all out, there are single-piece tents that provide the ultimate in luxury as well as all of the protection you need. Regardless of which type of tent you choose, you can be sure it will be a good investment.