Get a Nice Double Mattress for the Great Outdoors

Double Mattress

A Weisshorn Double Mattress is the best choice for family campers looking for a luxurious bed that is versatile and comfortable. Whether you are looking for camping in the woods or just making a weekend trip with your extended family, a double bed can be easily rolled into a small package. 

Self-inflating mattresses are an all-time favorite, especially when it comes to camping. The Weisshorn Self-Inflating Camping Mattress is the perfect solution for those who love to camp in comfort and style. 

This camping mattress is made from durable 10cm thick polyurethane foam for maximum comfort, and utilizes self-inflating valves for a quick and easy inflating process.

That way, you lie on a comfortable surface that will not move or shift around while you sleep, or while shifting your position. Incorporating vibration-free technology into the mattress improves sleep quality, reduces hot spots, and aids in recovery from hard camping.

Ah yes, the self-inflating air mattress. This is such a common item in the camping world and for good reason: it’s lightweight, even though it’s made out of a heavy duty polyurethane foam, provides great firmness and has a fairly low cost — making it ideal for outdoor or recreational use. 

It’s an excellent way to get around without having to invest in a dependable set of camping mattresses or inflatable bed pads that can be difficult to carry.

If you are considering the Double Mattress made of memory foam, it comes in a white finish. It is one of the most popular varieties of foam mattresses. There are also various sizes available from single, doubles, queen and king-sized. The beds have side attachments for added comfort and convenience.

Some models of these beds include optional extras such as electric pumps and dual-purpose daybeds. These additional attachments provide additional comfort and convenience, such as a small desk for reading or a basket for clothes storage. 

Other optional accessories include water-resistant slipcovers and pillows. The mattress is designed to be both dry and wet-free, and it comes with an extra layer of padding against the metal base frame.

Double Mattress

The bedding of the Weisshorn Double Mattress is made using the highest quality materials and technology. The Double Self-Inflating Mattress is made from fine grades of latex rubber and has a non-woven cover. When it comes to durability, this mattress remains the best among its competitors.

The Double Mattress can remain clean over time thanks to the waterproof and washable cover. This ideal for kids’ rooms provides maximum comfort and is a perfect addition to any room.

Explore the wild knowing that you have ready comfort on whatever ground you’re treading with the Weisshorn Self-inflating Mattress.

With this floor mat, you can lie on your back and stretch out comfortably when relaxing in the great outdoors. Or, for trekking down steep slopes with a pounding heart, you can use the bed for a comfortable place to rest without having to worry about rolling over in the night.

As the name says it all, the waterproof Mat self-inflates through two built-in valves in just 60 seconds, presenting you with a smooth sleeping surface amidst all types of terrain almost instantly.

Made from high density 10cm thick polyurethane foam, the Mat is wrapped with a faux suede surface top and anti-slip polyester pongee bottom. That way, you lie on a smooth and comfortable surface with a mat that does not slip or move with your every turn while sleeping or shifting around.

Need more resting surface? Just connect the two mats via the built-in buttons for an enlarged area. In fact, you can extend the mat multiple times through this simple and convenient process. And when all is done, just roll up the deflated mat and packed it into the carry bag for your next destination.

Double Mattress