Chill and Relax with Double Camping Swag

Double Camping Swag is a product of the new age when two people have realized that they can’t spend too much time in the campsite after the big day. 

This time, instead of sitting around the campfire and creating a miniature haven for themselves, they will be spending it together in one place, in the company of other holiday lovers. 

It’s a great way to spend the night because everything is close to hand: the tent, the sleeping bags, the cooking utensils, the BBQ grills and even the kids’ toys are all within reach, ready to be used when the time comes. 

The Double Camping Swag is meant to replace the need for separate camping gear and is a useful alternative to the double sleeping bags and mats that most families still use. It is also a nice option if you don’t like the idea of sleeping in a hammock next to your partner.

The Double Camping Swag has all the qualities you would expect from a swag bag – it’s waterproof, durable, well insulated and comfortable to sleep on, with or without a ground cloth. 

It also has an additional wide Velcro strap which is used to secure the swag to the ground, instead of on top of the bag. 

A great feature of the Swag is the pocket in which you can store the ultra-lightweight, ultra-efficient My-ring-to LED flashlight and charger. 

The lightweight of the Swag makes it easy to pack into the car boot or purse, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to a hiking holiday.

Camping Swag

Double Camping Swag - Campers' Best Friend

Camping Swag

Single camper units often come with more than one single camper. They can be stacked on top of each other and a rear paperboard can be installed to ensure that the whole unit is waterproofed. 

It is worth considering buying a combination of these double camper sets if possible to ensure that all parts of the camping trip are covered. 

Although the price of such a set can sometimes be a little higher than the alternative, it will pay for itself over many outings and provide you with much-needed protection against bad weather. 

Some will come with mosquito netting too. Camping shower tents are a relatively inexpensive way of ensuring that you have adequate protection in the event of heavy rainfall or a storm.

The next thing to check is whether the tent has solid flooring. Most tents today come with two fly screens that are stitched into the bottom of the tent. 

In my experience, these screens do not do a very good job of keeping the moisture from the inside of the tent. I have even experienced water spots on the top of my tent after leaving it outside overnight.

You can also use polyester fill to waterproof the inside of your tent. Polyester fill comes with a protective sealant that protects the tent from moisture. 

There are many companies out there that sell this type of product. You simply roll out the polyester and push it into the seams. 

Once you have the tent sealed, then you can put your tent on the ground as normal.

Camping Swag
Camping Swag

The Double Camping Swag is also lightweight and aerodynamic, so it is ideal for use on bumpy trails. 

The best feature is that it is extremely durable, and thanks to modern technology it can withstand rain, sleet and even snow! It is also waterproof, so even if your tent gets wet, your Swag is protected!

Camping is a fun way to spend a vacation, but it can be expensive. Camping Swag offers an alternative to paying top dollar to campground fees. It allows you to save money for a fun vacation, yet still enjoy all the luxuries of home when you need to. 

There is a variety of Double Camping Swag to choose from. You should be able to find something for anyone, whether you are camping for a romantic weekend or just want to save money for a family vacation.