Worth Money Saving - Deep Cycle 12V Battery

Many consumers are finding that Giantz Deep Cycle 12V Battery are ideal for the work at home user who wants to maximize his storage capacity and prolong his stay on the road. 

These backpacks can be used for all outdoor activities from camping to tailgating to the beach. The 135 Ah battery delivers ample power for powering a multitude of electronic devices and multiple LED lighting.

 A backup generator can be attached to the battery for a quick power boost when the main electric supply fails. A heavy-duty charging system completes the cycle. 

Giantz Deep Cycle 12V Battery has become a major brand name in the home-on-wheels market with its line of fully-integrated family-oriented backpacks.

In addition to their wide range of batteries, Giantz Deep Cycle 12V Battery also manufactures battery boxes for those heavier applications. Giantz Battery Boxes are designed to support heavy-duty electrical equipment. 

They are designed to withstand constant pounding and to maintain a proper balance, even under heavy load. These battery boxes are available in either front loading or rear loading configurations.

Giantz Deep Cycle 12V Battery are made from premium quality galvanized steel, which ensures that they can withstand heavy charging and discharging. 

The deep cycle battery is designed to maximize energy efficiency and to reduce charging time and maintenance. Also, it allows for quick deep cycle changes and longer run times. 

When properly maintained, the batteries can last up to two years, depending on the application.

12V Deep Cycle Battery

Choosing the Right Deep Cycle Battery & Battery Box

giantz 135ah deep cycle battery battery box 12v agm marine sealed power solar caravan 4wd camping aussie camping store 612624

When compared to other similar rechargeable batteries, the Giantz Deep Cycle 12V Battery has a long warranty. This is one of the best warranties available for recharging devices. 

Giantz makes this product available at a very reasonable price making it very attractive to budget-conscious consumers. The warranty does not apply to minor manufacturing faults which are usually the responsibility of the customer care service.

An owner of a Giantz Deep Cycle 12V Battery can expect approximately thirteen thousand hours of continuous service. 

This is almost four hundred cycles per hour, which is about seventy percent of the capacity of the product. If the user drains the battery completely, the battery will retain approximately eighty percent of its capacity.

Giantz has put out a big innovation – the 135Ah deep cycle batteries for heavy-duty applications. It’s perfect for trucking, forklifts, construction work, and anything else you can think of that needs a long-lasting deep-cycle battery for power, torque, and long-lasting life. 

This product is so well built and constructed, it can withstand being dropped several times its weight. And that, my friend, is what you need in a deep cycle battery! 

Giantz batteries are designed to last for long term service as they’re designed to resist extreme temperatures, have high discharge rates, and are grease and water-resistant. 

They offer up to three amps of power for any application and that means big savings in the long run.

giantz 135ah deep cycle battery battery box 12v agm marine sealed power solar caravan 4wd camping aussie camping store 755748
giantz 135ah deep cycle battery battery box 12v agm marine sealed power solar caravan 4wd camping aussie camping store 492405

Giantz 135Ah 12V Deep Cycle Battery & Battery Box sets are available for the standard car models or even for trucks and SUV. 

This car accessory is definitely for everyone. No matter what model your vehicle is, you can be sure that this accessory will work for you. 

With a fresh installation of the Giantz battery box, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your vehicle’s system is going to be safe and in working order. Don’t leave yourself in the dark any longer!

Take advantage of this amazing deep cycle battery accessory. So, don’t pass these batteries by. Take a test drive of the electric car accessory that you can count on to work for you.