Innovative Convenience Mini Washing Machine

With the Devanti 5kg Mini Washing Machine you can wash and rinse all of your clothes with no complications. 

The high-tech technology enables the machine to rinse and dry your clothes using ultra-smooth and gentle water pressure. This feature enables you to enjoy a wrinkle-free and soft appearance to your clothes. 

This is especially useful when you do not have the option of using hot water to wash your clothing or if you want to reduce the amount of ironing that you have to do. 

Furthermore, the high-end technology used by the machine allows it to dry your clothes on the airlift.

The machine features four separate settings for clothes washing convenience. This allows consumers to choose a setting that is suitable for their needs. 

When you choose to wash your regular clothes using the lower setting, you will only wash the top layer of clothes and nothing will be left in the machine. 

However, when you choose the high setting you will be able to wash the top layer of your clothes and also enable the machine to rinse and dry your regular clothes thoroughly. 

The Devanti 5kg Mini Washing Machine is very convenient to use. Also, the waterless cycle helps to conserve water when compared to conventional washing.

Mini Washing Machine

It's a Super-Economical Product to Have

Mini Washing Machine

The Devanti 5kg Mini Washing Machine is a compact, versatile machine that is ideal for homes or small offices. This innovative machine can be used to wash car windows and mirrors, openers, upholstery, cushions, upholstery fabric, vinyl decking, countertops and many other surfaces. 

The compact design and powerful engine ensure optimal performance. The built-in air dryer offers drying options for those times when you do not have access to an external drying system. 

The compact size and lightweight make this machine ideal for space-conscious businesses. Also, the waterless cycle helps to conserve water when compared to conventional washing. 

The Devanti brand is synonymous with high quality and reliable equipment that provide durable performance for many years.

This is one of the Most Time-Saving Measures

The Devanti 5KG Mini Washing Machine has a powerful and quiet motor that operates quietly while using less electricity than other machines of its class. 

This is especially good for apartments where noise is an issue. It dries quickly and provides excellent hot water control. It is especially well suited to small areas that need to be washed and dried as there is ample space to operate.

It features an automatic button start-stop cycle which makes it suitable for users who are busy and do not have time to watch the machine to complete its washing cycle. 

The machine is very gentle on delicate fabrics and it dries quickly. There is a provision for adjusting the heat on the clothesline for users who prefer a cooler setting for their clothing.

Devanti 5kg Mini Washing Machine has a very simple and lightweight design. This is very convenient for the home user who is engaged with many activities on his/her priority list but still needs to achieve quick and reliable drying of clothes. 

You can just fill the can with the correct amount of water as instructed by the manual and spin the revolving drum of your machine to agitate the wash solution as you desire. 

This will make the detergent cling to the surface of the clothes and dry it out thoroughly. The entire process takes no more than 15 minutes. 

And when you are done with the washing, you do not have to lift the bulky & heavy laundry basket to dry your clothes in the sun!

Mini Washing Machine