How Caravan End Screen Covers and Protect Your Caravan

Caravan End Screen

Caravan End Screen Hidden Protection Screen 2.1 x 1.8M Sun Shade is a high-performance shade designed to fit full-height caravans and offers additional security for those occasional outdoor trips. Offered in four different colours, this all-weather protection can be used on any Pop Top 

Caravan items such as beds, lounge chairs, tables and shelves, and even light fixtures. The shade features a polyester/cotton blend that repels insects and moisture, preventing damage to your valuable investments while also ensuring that your patio furniture stays looking new for years to come.

The pop-up shade comes complete with a secure Angled Cut panel which can be adjusted to cater for the hottest summer sun. This allows you to choose whether you want the shade to close entirely or let some light shine through. 

There are no gaps between the panels so that nothing will get in the way of your precious cargo. Additionally, this particular model has been more efficient, with lesser seams and a stronger product backing. Both of these aspects make it ideal for use with full-sized caravans.

The screen shield also features UV stabilisation, ensuring that it will not fade when exposed to the sun’s rays over long periods. It is fully UV stabilised to withstand up to -40 degrees Celsius, making it a durable, low maintenance product. 

The screen itself is made from tough UV resistant fabric, which ensures that you enjoy total protection regardless of the conditions. To fit a full-length sunshade, the screen protector fits neatly behind the existing hem, preventing unsightly gaps from forming.

 Each panel is manufactured with a custom snap closure, and the product is guaranteed to be free of holes and tears for up to three years.

Caravan End Screen

There are two options when it comes to protecting your Caravan from the elements, and Caravan End Screen provides all the options you could ever need. For instant UV protection, there are specially designed ‘hi-visibility shades or caravan blinds. 

These provide you with complete privacy, as well as sun protection, and can be easily rolled up or folded for storage during the day. Suppose you don’t want to use these. In that case, there are also high quality, fully mobile, double-sided polycarbonate sheets that can be fixed directly to your Caravan’s roof to create a fully enclosed, sun-protected ‘hideout’.

Caravan End Screen also offers additional removable coverings to give even more sun protection. These range from ultra-light covers to mesh bodies that are incredibly durable but keep out the rays. Pop Top Caravan also offers other accessories to help protect your caravans from the outside world, including car park covers and awning covers. 

Finally, Caravan End Screen has used only the finest raw materials to create their top quality caravans, and their caravans are covered with a lifetime guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your investment is secure.

When you have invested in your Caravan End Screen, and it is time to leave it behind for the summer, it can be extremely frustrating to discover that the canopy has been ripped away.

 However, with the Caravan’s lifetime guarantee included, you can be confident that Caravan End Screen will come back to your property next season, and they will ensure that your car is completely safe and secure from theft, vandalism or accidental damage. 

Their designs are modern and will add a touch of class to any static site or caravan park. So, if you are looking for something to protect your investment while you leave it behind, then investing in a Caravan End Screen is the ideal solution.

Caravan End Screen