Canvas 6-Person Tent: Cozy and Comfortable

6-Person Tent

The OZtrail Tourer 9 Plus 6-Person Tent is perfect for your next camping adventure, and it has many features to make sure you have a comfortable stay. This size will easily fit a queen-sized mattress in the center of the tent with room left over on each side.

It comes equipped with: tough canvas walls; PE floors; double skinned canvases on top and bottom (making this one sturdy roof); galvanized poles that won’t rust or break down under pressure; plus carry bag, ropes, and pegs. You’ll be completely ready when you set out into nature during your trip away from home in The Oztrail Tourer Canvas 6-Person Tent.

This tent is made from SatProof canvas, a blended cotton canvas used in different weights depending on design requirements. The blend of water-resistant cotton provides ventilation with an anti-mildew waterproofing agent that’s applied to the fabric before it leaves production line so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.

The Easiest Way to Condition Your Canvas

Seasoning your canvas is an important process. When you first buy a tent/swag, it’s essential to season the cotton so that after time of use and storage, the stitching holes shrink around thread seams making them more durable for future usages.

This will allow water vapor from rain or dew evaporate faster since there are less open spaces in between stitches. Letting this dry completely helps prevent mold growth on damp surfaces which can become slippery when wet (2-3 times).

Even though you may have seasoned your canvas, sometimes things can go wrong. If the seam hasn’t closed properly or if water gets in somehow, there’s an easy fix: carry a clear wax candle with you when camping. Simply rub it on the exterior of any stitch line and this will create a waterproof barrier quickly and easily. 

CTT 09P F 1

This is particularly useful for tarp tents like OZtrail Tourer Canvas 6-Person tent because they are not made from traditional fabric that seals itself naturally over time but rather durable polyester which needs extra sealing to prevent leaks at seams over time.

The quick-setup and fast pack down of the sturdy canvas Tourer tent is what makes it so great. 

Safety Tips for Canvas Products

It comes with all you need for a comfortable stay, including tough walls made from rugged material, PE floors that won’t get damaged by rain or dew overnight, double skin roofing to keep out heat in summer and retain warmth during winter camping trips, galvanized poles for extra durability; plus carrying bag ropes pegs and an awning pole.


  • OZtrail camping accessories 
  • Design: Tourer 9 Plus Canvas Tent 
  • Colour: Blue/Beige 
  • Pack contents:
    • Tent
    • Poles provided
    • Pre-attached guy ropes & sturdy pegs included
    • Carry bag  
  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Extra roomy – large enough to fit a queen size mattress
  • One touch center pole for easy erection
  • External rear pole for extra support
  • Gusseted all-weather  window at rear for exceptional ventilation
  • Large front door and full-length side windows
  • Large front awning and window awnings
  • Zip closure for added security and weather protection
  • Innovative Invisible Bucket HDPE floor elevates seams away from water
  • 3-layer Insulcell roof for cooling in summer cool/ warmth in winter
  • Large No-See-Um mesh windows
  • independent Duo Door s with easy single zip access
  • Lantern loop to hang lights/accessories – power cord guides
  • Materials:
    • Walls: 340gsm SatProof 600+ Ripstop Canvas
    • Roof: 340gsm SatProof 800+ silver impregnated canvas for superior waterproofing, anti-mould & UV protection
    • Floor: Heavyweight 195gsm PE Invisible Bucket Floor
  • Dimensions (approx. cm):
    • Tent floor area: 350 x 260
    • Tent head height: 210
    • Compact pack size: 80 x 28 x 28
    • Rapid pitch pack size: 80 x 80 x 10
  • Assembly required
  • Weight (approx.): 24kg