Best Attractions in Western Australia

Western Australia

Western Australia is known for many things, including its natural beauty. There are plenty of scenic attractions in Western Australia that will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island even though you’re thousands of miles away! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best attractions in Western Australia to help get your vacation planning started.

Thomas River

Western Australia

The Thomas River in Gascoyne is one of Australia’s most campsites to visit. It is located at the base of Mount Gambier, a peak that reaches to 7500 feet above sea level. The river has been a popular place for tourists and travelers to enjoy a relaxing holiday during the summer season because of its cool and tranquil atmosphere. 

There are a number of interesting activities that you can do along the banks of the river. It is also a good place for camping during the winter season.The Thomas River runs through the towns of Gascoyne, Brewton, Mooloolaba, and Meningie. There is a small creek called Coondoondoo Creek on its way to Thomas River. This creek is separated into three parts namely South Creek, Middle Creek and Thomas Creek. 

The main tributaries of the Thomas river flow through the state of New South Wales and Victoria. The major tourist attractions in Australia include the Coanda High Plains and Buderim National Park.

Location: South of Double Peak, Gayscone Region, Australia

Waychinicup National Park

Waychinicup National Park is in the South West of Western Australia. This beautiful region of Western Australia is home to much unique flora and fauna. It is also famous for its exotic birds and mammals.

It is the home of a number of conservation and environmental organisations and is the most visited tourist destination in Australia. The name “Waychinicompo National Park” derived from the indigenous aboriginal ways of the region, which means “Ink-coloured rock”. 

The name was inspired by the stone fern called quanta, found within the park. It is believed that Waychinicup National Park was named after the aborigines who had first discovered and collected specimens of the agenda within the park.

As it is located in a prominent part of Western Australia, the tourists have easy access to other areas of interest within the state.
Most of the vehicles in this area are required to travel on roads around waychinicup national park.

Location: Cheyne Rd, Cheynes, Western Australia 6328

Western Australia



Western Australia’s beautiful Yeagarup Beach is located in the vibrant Pilbara. Travel time to this glorious beach is just over 40 minutes and is an exciting and scenic drive. The panoramic view from above the level of the last steep hill to the sparkling ocean is definitely worth the drive. Yeagarup has plenty of accommodation options for visitors. 

There are many resorts and hotels here catering to all types of tourists. Yeagarup offers you a rare chance to go deep into Australia’s hidden natural wonders, there is simply no other place in Australia that has such a diverse range of geography and vegetation, as well as a mixture of desert and rainforest like environment. 

The sand dunes, which spread over an area of just under 2021 square kilometers, have been formed by the action of sea, air, and land for millions of years. Some of the most interesting wildlife can be found in the thick bush areas of this dune landscape.

 Location: Yeagarup, Western Australia 6260, Australi

Waroona Dam

Lake Navarino is a freshwater lake located 10 kilometres east of the township of Waroona. The damming of the Western Australian wheatbelt’s largest tributary, the Waroona River, created Lake Navarino in 1968 as part of a flood mitigation strategy for downstream townships.

The lake has been stocked with trout and perch since 1985 and marron have been introduced to provide another form of fishing opportunity.

In addition to being popular with water-skiers, campers and bushwalkers (with many walking trails), it also attracts anglers who enjoy seasonal freshwater fishing for trout, perch and marron (fishing licence required).

The dam can overflow during late winter, creating a spectacle as water rushes down the dam wall. Visitors can stay at one of the nearby camping grounds (fees apply) or camp lakeside in the designated area.

Location:  Lake Navarino Resort, 147 Invarell Rd, Waroona WA 6215, Australia




The beautiful Western Australian forest is known for its diverse wildlife. Dwellingup has a large quantity of wetlands and moist forests. There are many species of birds and native animals like kangaroos, wallabies and platypuses can be found in Dwellingup.

There is an abundance of wetland plants in Dwellingup including marring, barefoot damper, sycamore, Betty, and lyneham. Other than these, there are also native vegetation such as scrub and ferns.

At present, Dorewood and Marrinup are two of the best known tourism areas in Western Australia. Many tourists visit both areas in order to enjoy the scenic beauty of the forest and natural environment. However, there is another tourist attraction in Western Australia, which is not as well known. 

This is the old-growth forest of Jarrah. This forested area is in fact an old growth forest and as such, is a rare species. In order to see this forested area, you need to rent a camper van in Dwellingup.

Location: 1 Acacia Rd, Dwellingup WA 6213, Australia

Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape is a small community on the South West coast of Western Australia. It is home to none other than the world’s third-largest sailing ship, the Sloop Scotland.

 This small community has been an important tourist attraction for many years. This small coastal town is a wonderful place for surfing, boating and relaxing. Sandy Cape has many places for tourists to visit and explore.

Sandy Cape is situated approximately 10Km from Jurien Bay and this small beach spot is simply amazing. The beach is in a small bay surrounded by sand and is virtually sheltered from the north wind (perfect for those hot, summer afternoons.)

 The water is crystal clear and the beach itself has several restaurants, dive shops, and other attractions for visitors. Most tourists spend their time at the coastal headlands, where they can see the many spectacular and unique creatures of the sea.

Location: Sandy Cape Rd, Jurien bay WA 6516, Australia

Western Australia

Little Bay, Horrock


Camping at Little Bay Horrock is ideally suited to families as there are numerous attractions to keep the children occupied. The beach is a short drive away from the campsite and there is a choice of sites from where families can start their excursions. 

At Little Bay Horrock, families can enjoy the advantage of having access to all of the amenities that you would expect from a holiday resort such as playgrounds, swimming pools, bike trails and nature walks. With a nearby fire watch tree, kids will enjoy spotting the many wildlife at the nearby national park.

Huts are available at Little Bay Horrock where families can choose to stay in a campervan, tentatively or at a self-catering cottage or flat. Campsites at Little Bay Horrock include the popular Camp Spot, which attracts residents as well as tourists to take in the scenic beauty of the area.

Location: Little Bay Rd, Western Australia 6535, Australia


A popular activity in Karijini national parks is rock climbing. Some of the best crags in the world can be found in Karijini. The two most popular crags, in particular, are Hamersley Range and Greenmount. In the Hamersley range, the route starts at the Greenmount station and ends at the summit of Mt Bogong. 

Both routes have the necessary permits to climb. However, it is recommended that individuals carry the necessary safety equipment, such as helmets and sandals, to make sure that they are safe in case of an accident.

Another adventure activity in Karijini national park is trekking. There are numerous villages and outposts to hike to. However, most hikers start their journey at the Hamersley range. 

Most trekkers start their trek at night and travel up to the summit of Mount Bogong, which is only accessible by hiking. Other trekking routes include the South Butterers, Tinaroo Ranges and Tinaroo Gorges.

Location: Karijini, Western Australia 6751, Australia

Western Australia

Windjana Gorge

Windjana Gorge National Park, as like most other national parks it is easily accessed by road. Windjana Gorge situated within the Kimberly National Park boundaries is an easily accessed tourist attraction situated just south of Alice Springs. 

Windjana Gorge lies on the left bank of Windjana River, which flows through Glitterstep and Mt Bogong. The name Windjana Gorge was given to the area because it resembles the windmill that is seen when approaching the National Park. 

The most popular element for the tourists visiting Windjana Gorge National Park is the Windjana Gorge Road. It runs from the Bogong Leng entrance to the Windjana Gorge. Windjana Gorge shares a border with the Northern Territory and boasts a small town called Nambour. It is home to the windjana gorge Wet Season parking area, which is open to visitors from May to October.

Location: Windjana Gorge National Park, King Leopold Ranges, Australia

Western Australia



Cleaverville, located on the Golden sands beach is one of the most popular caravan parks in Australia. It is a very convenient location for those that want to visit the caravan capital of Western Australia. You can also stay at a holiday park around this area if you prefer to have your campsite. This article will discuss the various aspects of this caravan park and its best features.

Cleaverville Beach is approximately 20 minutes from Karratha by car and is a popular spot for caravan enthusiasts in the peak holiday season. There are other places where you could camp along the beaches of Western Australia, namely near Karratha and so they are detailed here. 

There are plenty of western Australia holiday parks that you could stay at if you prefer to have your accommodation and there are facilities such as bathroom showers, internet, air-conditioning, electricity, toilets, laundry and washing machines.

Location: Cleaverville, Western Australia 6714, Australia