Camping Australia-6 Relaxing Havens to Discover

Camping Australia

Camping Australia? 6 relaxing havens to discover. A selection of unique and beautiful campsites scattered around Australia’s magnificent Northern region.

These truly remote camping parks are remote by nature, offering awe-inspiring views of the incredible mountain ranges, waterfalls, glistening lakes, forests, and abundant wildlife.

The caravan parks, which are home to some of Australia’s best-kept secrets and most amazing campsites, are a great escape for tourists and backpackers.

They offer the chance to spend time outdoors, away from the commercialized tourist traps that plague the camping Australia major tourist destinations.

camping Australia
blue mountains

The Blue Mountains

Ingar Campground in the Blue Mountains: This historic campground in the Blue Mountains is a hidden gem in terms of camping Australia’s 6 most unique havens

Located at the foot of Mt Bogong, this secluded campground is only accessible by way of an unpaved dirt trail, which leads to a spacious graveled driveway.

This leads to the campground’s main building, which is constructed from logs and concrete blocks. Surrounded by tall trees and protected by the lake and mountains.

Ingar Campground offers a quiet retreat for families, couples, and retirees.

Mooloolaba River Campsite

Mooloolaba River Campsite: Mooloolaba River Campsite is another example of the outstanding remote camping spots to be found in the Blue Mountains.

This camping Australia campsite is less than a 2 hour drive from Sydney, yet it is only a short drive from the Great Sandy National Park.

This is less than half an hour from the Dukes of Yorkies National Park. Mooloolaba River Campsite is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Mooloolaba River that is teeming with several fish species.

There is no electricity or plumbing hook ups at the campgrounds, so everything you need should be brought with you in your camper van, including tents, sleeping bags, cooking devices, coolers, and food.

Mooloolaba sunrise
kings canyon

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon Camping Ground: The hidden gem of Australia’s 6 most unique havens is Kings Canyon Camping Ground situated just above Lake George, about an hour’s drive from Sydney.

The camping spot is not fenced in and is still surrounded by the Great Sandy National Park. You will be walking through a vineyard filled with native flowers and vegetation as you explore this campground’s many different trails.

Other than a handful of places for drinking water, this camping Australia campground is quiet and serene with a lake surrounded by mountains on one side and lush forest on the other.

Lake George

Lake George Camping Ground: Although it is located only a few hours away from Sydney, this is still one of the top camping Australia camping spots, if not the best.

This lake is so amazing that you will not ever want to leave the hiking grounds. You will be greeted by a lush green surrounding, full of pine trees and fruit trees.

Hiking through this forest gives you a view of Lake George which is also known as the ”blue hole’.

Lake George NSW
Great Sandy National Park

Great Sandy National Park

Lake George tent camping: If you are an adventurous type, this is the spot for you. There is no electricity or water at the camping spot, so you must bring all the supplies with you.

It is a beautiful camping spot with a lake surrounding it. An amazing sight to see.

This camping Australia 6 most unique haven is only about 2 hours from Sydney therefore you do not need to worry about travelling far from the city.

There are several places where you can get a good view of the lake including a beach, a forest, and the Great Sandy National Park.  

The best thing about this camping spot is that there is plenty to do and see outside of just camping out. The local area has plenty to offer such as horse riding, bird watching, fishing, swimming, boating, and more.

There are plenty of wonderful shops and cafes to visit while you are out in the area. This makes the camping experience all the better because you get to do more while you are enjoying the outdoors.

Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park, backpack camping: This is another one of Australia’s 6 Most unique havens. It is located just south of Sydney in the Blue Mountains.

You will need to drive several hours to get to this camping spot but the reward is well worth the journey. There is no electricity or water at the camping spot, so bring all the supplies you need with you.

The great thing about this camping spot is that you can stay as long as you want because there are no special permits required to camp in the area. This is a very unique camping experience that you will never forget.

blue mountains