David Dunham

David Dunham

Living in Mexico City for some 33 years, it´s a little bit different from the UK. There are no good tacos in the UK, and what about the sun? Virtual English teacher, using all that's available on the internet to make innovative and interesting English conversation classes. Above all I actually enjoy doing it, very satisfying (when you get results!) but then helping other people get to the other side, that's what life is all about. Don't you think? Writing a best seller (gotta think positive) I´ll tell you about it....

Wombats Go On Camp1

The Wombats Go on Camp

A silly and fun camping adventure featuring the Wombat family's 12 comical kids and their two teachers, with wonderfully detailed and lively watercolor illustrations Meet the Wombats: Naucia's a bit posh, Audrey's a literary genius, Hughie's scared of nothing, and Ima loves baking. Ollie's small and fast, and Sardinia does magic tricks. Albert knows everything. Dante's never without his ball, Ava wants to win, Freddie has one eye, Alecia hates everything, and Horrie loves his pet rat. The Wombats are going on their first camping trip ever, with their teachers Mrs. Nott and Ms. Annabel. Join them as they explore, build, cook, perform, climb, jump, scare each other silly, and have the time of their lives


Camping Guide to Western Australia

Experience the very best camping destinations in Western Australia with this full-colour, detailed directory to over 450 campsites. In this third edition you'll find a comprehensive listing of parks, forests and reserves where you can pitch your tent, roll out your swag or unhitch your van. This expanded edition of the best-selling guide provides concise details to camping areas throughout the whole state, including those around Perth, Margaret and the south-west, the Pilbara, the Kimberley and the outback.


Caravanning and Camping in Australia

From the vast deserts of the interior, to the tropical north and sandy beaches of the coasts. Alpine regions and rugged mountains, Australia has such a varied landscape. So, what better way is there to really experience it, other than by road. This book gives the road tripper all they need to know to set up their journey for a safe and memorable experience. What to take, what to avoid, when to go. A good starting point for anyone that likes going on an adventure.