Best Outdoor Shower Tent: Portable and Handy for Camping

Outdoor Shower Tent

Weisshorn Outdoor Shower Tent, portable changing room and toilet tent. Designed with strong fibreglass posts for sturdy construction and comes with a removable rain guard – extra headroom and pegs on the side for additional support, you don’t have to worry about being halfway in the wild when you shower or change in the middle of a storm. 

The Outdoor Shower Tent is separated into two sections, the shower pole being placed in a quadrant in the centre of the tent, the shower seat tucked away in a single piece of the tent and the drain holes located within the walls of the tent. 

The Outdoor Shower Tent has an optional double-sided zipper door, just like the ones found in many camping stores. The shower pole has large double-sided doors, just as the ones found in most camping stores.

Large double-sided zipper door – The large double-sided zipper door that comes attached to the tent provides easy access to all parts of the shower enclosure when one is required. 

The large double-sided zipper door also provides easy access to all parts of the tent when one is needed. The zippers also offer a good grip when pulling the tent up or down. The large double-sided zipper door also provides easy access to all parts of the tent when one is required.

Easy setup: The tent has a special snap hook and ties down system that makes it very easy to set up and fold up. The tent is also very lightweight, so it will not take up a lot of room in your car or another transport vehicle.

It is also very simple to assemble and unfold, taking a shorter time than some other folding camping furniture. The tent is also very easy to use as it has its automatic shut off timer. This timer can be linked to another electronic device such as a cellular phone for sending email alerts or other personal information.

Outdoor Shower Tent

Lightweight – The Outdoor Shower Tent is very lightweight. Even though it is made from solid fibreglass poles, it is not heavy. It weighs about 4kg. This means that one person can easily carry the tent and be ready to go. The weight of the tent does not compromise comfort. The Outdoor Shower Tent is padded on all sides and has large double-sided zipper doors to make it more comfortable to sit in.

Comfortable – Although it is extremely lightweight, the tent has extremely high-quality internal features that ensure maximum comfort. It is padded on all sides with strong fibreglass and polyurethane foam. It has a double-sided adjustable water resistant flysheet with a zipped door to give better ventilation.

Well organized – It has a strong frame that makes it very well organized. The tent is covered with a waterproof flysheet and has a large single door for ease of access. It comes complete with an attached mesh headrail for better ventilation. There are two hanging hooks and overhead poles, which provide the perfect location for an organizer to place clothes, towels or toiletries.

Easy setup: The Outdoor Shower Tent has a large double-sided zipper door with easy access for quick set up. You have to place your gear and lock the door, and off you go. No poles are required since the tent is very light. It is made of high-quality polyester fabric, is waterproof, ultra-violet resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

The Outdoor Shower Tent is very sturdy. It is designed with strong aluminium frames and strong dual door construction for high impact resistance. Large double-sided zipper door for internal partition and mesh windows for external access.

Plenty of storage areas and mesh pockets for holding shampoos, conditioners and hair dryers. The tent has an easy to use the telescoping ramp, which makes setting up the Outdoor Shower Tent and tucking under it a breeze.

Outdoor Shower Tent