The Best Mountain Biking Trails in Queensland

The best mountain biking trails in Queensland

There are many great mountain biking trails in Queensland, not to mention the variety of mountain bike trails available in and around Brisbane. The best mountain biking trails in Brisbane are located in and around the city of Brisbane. If you want to ride off the beaten track, then you should consider cycling on the Scenic Road near Olinda. Cycling on this road is unique because it is not zoned as a biking trail, but instead, is a road that goes through scenic rainforest terrain that makes for a beautiful scenic ride. It is also home to Australia’s highest and most spectacular waterfall, located in Olinda.


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Free Riding Mountain Bike Trails

In addition to the aforementioned two trail heads, you should also look for other challenging options. For example, you can find a mountain biking trail in Queensland that involves free riding through the forest. You will need to carry a heavy backpack, as you won’t be able to do much other than enjoy the trail rides.

The trail head itself can be challenging, as you will need to navigate your way through small wooden creeks and swamps, as well as up and down steep hills.

Although you won’t be able to ride at high speeds, you will find that the trails are quite challenging and offer a great deal of enjoyment.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to enjoy mountain biking in Brisbane without spending a lot of money, you should consider taking part in guided tours. The tours generally last about an hour, or an hour and a half. With a little planning, you can certainly get through an adventurous day with a little less effort.

The tour guides can take you through scenic areas and give you tips for a successful and enjoyable day out on the trails.

Planning a trip to explore the best mountain biking trails in Queensland should never be done without careful planning. If you want to go to places with challenging terrain, ensure that you find out about the facilities and accommodation offered by the tour company. Also, plan your budget well in advance.

If you are planning a trip to see the wildlife and natural beauty of Australia, be sure to choose companies that offer trail rides and camping facilities. And, make sure to choose a company that is licensed and has competent drivers.

Top Ten Trails

The top ten mountain bike trails can be found in and around the Nerang Mountain Park 

#1 Goanna 

#2 Sorceress

#3 Pete’s Mountain

#4 21 Jump St

#5 Dodgem

#6 Victor Heights

#7 Douglas Mountain

#8 Hidden Vale

#9 First Turkey

#10 Alligator Creek


Nerang Mountain Bike Trail
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A question that a lot of you guys have and that is what is my top 5 favorite trails that I have ever ridden. The rainbow has been a real staple I think we’ve made over three videos there in fact less than an hour drive north of Sydney,it’s the closest thing we have to a real length race track with over 150 meters of descending as well as two kilometers long on the main downhill run which means it’s long enough to get the legs burning as well as the arms pumping.

While it won’t play the highest level downhill races it’s perfect for shuttles on the weekend mid level downhill racing as well as gravity into your racing. The classic trail is definitely my favorite they’re starting off with those iconic berms that you can lay almost flat switching back and forth which is awesome fun and then you drop into the first rock garden which you can get the rocks on the left or you can go the right and take the B line which is nice and easy. It then takes you into the first jumps you can take the huge double to the right or you can hit an easy table on the left.

Jumping Bike Queensland
Bike jumping in Queensland 2020

Both these jumps will please everyone then there’s a nice little Pedaling section where there is the next set of jumps there’s a table as well as a double as well so you can pick and choose your lines and then there’s a nice little chop into a left-hand berm which then leads you into a tight little section where you can really thread your way through and really gain some speed as you start to progress and then this is where things start to really ramp up pun intended there you drop down the ramp and you hit some awesome speed this is where you start to really notice a big difference between other trails and Sydney you’re just motoring down this section it’s nice and chunky and you just get a sensation that you don’t really get on all the trails around Sydney then you can either roll over the ramp down to the bottom or you can hit the double over and then go down the ramp.

Bike Trail in Queensland
Bike Trail in Queensland

Then there’s a nice little Pedaling  section to the fire trail where then you drop into the lower section in this section there’s some more fast paced single track with some nice little techy sections before you cross the fire trail into the main lower section this is where you come to meet some high as well as low lines which can definitely get a little bit sketchy in my experience oh my god that’s safe followed by this you hit the switch back switch switch back and forth down into the valley followed by this you hit a little drop as well as the rock row which can catch some people out or if you don’t want to roll it you can just Huck it completely then you switch back twice more before you drop down to the bottom of the valley and then you’re on the home straight.

There’s some still really fun parts here as well you got the nice little center drop as well as Schlemmer ding which is this Ricky rocky, Rudy rock garden that you can kind of turn down as he going down it which is really fun and then you get into everyone’s favorite triple treat with the awesome berms back to back which you can really lay over like the berms at the side of the trail and then there’s the really nice two doubles to finish as well which you can absolutely send as you cross the finish line what’s even better there’s even more trails there as well there’s the XC loop there’s the all mountain trail with the big center drop there’s the new super flowy up at the gravity enduro line then now has the bridge over the old downhill run.

Best Bike trails in Queensland
Bike Trail in Queensland having fun

Then there’s a few more features that have popped up as well which is awesome to see with a pump track a new flow trail as well as toilet facilities coming soon it’s absolutely awesome to see remember finally getting the attention it deserves and it’s going to be awesome to see how the trail system evolves if you’re looking for shuttles definitely hit up Central Coast mountain bike tours I’ll put a link in the description for them as well as Central Coast mountain bike club and I’ll put a link as well they’ll have all the information for races and updates on the trails and all that kind of stuff too as well the next trial is my favorite in the Sydney basin and that’s the left line going down mountain arrow which is around about 1.2 kilometers long with a hundred and sixteen meters of elevation.