Camping Escapades with the Best Family Tent

The Bestway Three-person family tent is a comfortable, versatile, easy to assemble and maintain tent suitable for summer camping or extended backpacking. 

Constructed with modern design features the family tent is suitable for use by adults and children alike. It comes with modern hook & loop closures, mesh doorways, and sturdy fibreglass poles with galvanised finish. 

It is also available with a removable top cover and a protective mosquito net. The tent has an integrated cooker and oven with a removable grill. it has mesh windows that allow light through and meshes doors for ventilation. 

Both adult and child seating areas are accessible from the floor. The tent is suitable for extended camping with an easily assembled footprint that is easy to carry.

Great Features for Those Who Are Going on Longer Trips

The Bestway Family Tent also has some great features for those who are going on longer trips. It comes with a detachable emergency pole. It is large enough to accommodate at least one extra person for making reservations at campsites.

If two people will be sleeping in the tent it can easily be doubled for additional sleeping space. A great feature of the Bestway Family Tent is the front door that opens on a curved platform that is designed for walking.

It has a security lock which is a very good indicator that the tent is a high-quality product. There is also a top cover that has rolling casters which can roll up into a neat folder. 

This allows for easy movement from one place to another. It can even roll out to let someone else climb on top for additional sleeping comfort.

Family Tent
Family Tent

The tent is lightweight, making it comfortable to transport. It is made with durable nylon webbing and includes interior mesh pockets and a zippered door for a secure feel during your stay. 

The carry bag is designed to attach to the tent with straps for easy transportation. You can leave the tent in the vehicle and just throw the carry bag on top of the car. The tent is rated for use in any weather.

 It will not suffer from freezing or extremely hot temperatures. The mesh windows offer maximum ventilation so that harmful insects such as mosquitoes do not breed inside. 

You can still enjoy a cool breeze even if the temperatures outside are extremely cold.

You will discover that your family will be relaxed and happy when you buy a Bestway three-person family tent. They provide many things for children that allow them to experience the outdoors without ever getting wet or dirty. 

They also encourage family fun and teach kids how to be safe around the environment. With Bestway, you can guarantee that your kids will love their holiday and you will love how much you save on the holiday. 

All you need to do is plan the family holiday and then let someone else do the rest. 

Order today from the shop and you can enjoy your summer camping holiday in a stylish, compact three-person tent.

Family Tent
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The Bestway three-person family tent is a durable and robust product that is ideal for families who love to camp. 

It can be easily set up by one person and it comes with a removable top cover which is extremely useful if you plan to go on a trek or hike in the woods. 

The tent is constructed from a tough weatherproof fabric that is well ventilated for your family’s health. 

It can be easily folded once it is full and only requires a single person to set it up. It also offers a detachable waterproof flysheet, which you can easily carry to ensure that you enjoy an easy stay even in wet and cold weather conditions.