Affordable Unique Artiss 3 Tier Metal Bookcase

Artiss 3-Tier Metal Bookcase

The Artiss 3-tier Metal Bookcase is the most outstanding among all other products offered by this manufacturer. 

Its sturdy design and top-notch material make it a perfect product for home, office or commercial use.

 To ensure a long life to your stored volumes, the product offers excellent customer service and an eight-year limited warranty. 

This means that if your bookcase gets damaged, you can always have a new one to replace it. 

The following review of this unique bookcase will help you learn more about this product and what you should expect from it.

The Advantages of the Artiss 3 Tier Metal Bookcase

What is great about this product’s look and design is that it comes in many different colours, including oak, walnut, cherry maple, mahogany, and chestnut. It is also offered with varying depth and widths of hanging space, so you will never have a problem finding a spot to put your books on it.

 Also, the steel shelf and the metal bookcase are both finished in a rich antique grey finish that is sure to add an elegant touch to any room in your house. The product is also finished in a non-stick coating to prevent dust accumulation on the shelves themselves.

This padlock has a firm, non-slip grip. With a sturdy bookcase such as this, you know that you are getting high quality, and you are not paying over the odds for a product. 

With such a remarkable bookcase, you will always be able to find something you want to place on top of it without having to worry about how you will place the object on top of the bookcase.

Another thing that you should note about the Artiss 3-Tier Metal Bookcase because it comes with a non-skid mounting padlock which makes it safe to place heavy objects on top of the unit. 

Moreover, the quality of craftsmanship is outstanding with every single piece of this product. 

This all-weather bookcase also comes with an adjustable, fully movable hutch that allows you to customise the storage solution to your exact room decor. If you’re looking for a durable and stylish way to shop all your books, the artiss 3 tier metal bookcase is one great choice.

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The Artiss 3 Tier Metal Bookcase is a combination of elegant classic lines with contemporary performance and the ability to withstand punishment whilst providing a huge storage capacity. 

It features a sturdy metal body, high-gloss oak interior with rubber and powder-coated finish and various compartments for CDs and DVDs, along with lockable drawers for your collectables.

 A combination of locking options on the interior and various compartments on the exterior makes this bookcase extremely convenient for storing not only your books but also your entire collection.

For added protection to your investment, the metal bookcase includes anti-scratch pads on its three shelves as well as a sturdy metal frame with powder-coated finish and heavy-duty lockable drawer slides. You can even purchase a padded loose cover for added protection against your pets and kids.


The top shelf of the artiss features four adjustable shelves and a single horizontal shelf, making it great for storing simple reading or reference materials like pens, paper, and smaller items. 

If you prefer a more comprehensive storage solution, two other shelves are available on the artiss metal frame with a powder-coated finish, giving you even more storage options. There is also a side shelf useful for displaying smaller items like keys and coins and doubles as a great place to shop for CDs and DVDs.

 One very helpful feature of this piece of furniture is the lockable, pull-out drawer, which makes for easy organisation. If you need a lot of storage space but don’t want to look at the sturdiness of wooden units, the metal frame with a lockable drawer is a great choice.

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