Popular 600 GSM Annex Matting Floor Mats

  • Heavy-duty
  • UV treated
  • Porous and
  • breathable
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Caravan parks permissible
  • Non slip
  • Bonus carry bag

Weisshorn Annex Matting makes for a great travelling and camping companion. It can cover extra ground in addition to being lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

The Annex Matting is the perfect addition to any park or outdoor space that requires a comfortable, yet durable sitting and lying area.

Made from foamed PVC that’s soft, porous and breathable; it gives off an almost rubber-like feel while being non-slip.

Thanks in part to its mould and mildew-resistance properties as well as UV treated coating which lays weighted down without pegs or tie downs!

The Weisshorn 6M X 2.5M Annex Matting 600 GSM Floor Mats Mesh is a large and durable mat that will provide you with the perfect surface for your outdoor activities.

It can be used in caravan parks, camping or in any other outdoor situation where you need to protect yourself from the ground below. The mat has been made from high quality materials to ensure maximum durability and ease of use.

It has an annex design that offers twice the coverage of most other mats on the market, making it perfect for camping or caravan parks.

The high-quality mesh backing provides additional protection from dirt and mud, while also keeping your floor dry and clean.