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Annex Matting

Weisshorn 6M X 2.5M Annex Matting

  • Heavy-duty
  • UV treated
  • Porous and
  • breathable
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Caravan parks permissible
  • Non slip
  • Bonus carry bag
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Weisshorn 4M X 2.5M Annex Matting

An annex mat is essential when setting up for your stay. With the main benefits being: reduced dirt tracking, more comfort underfoot while relaxing outside and increased breathability on top of that.

How to Choose the Right Camping Mat for You

Looking for the best annex flooring or a camping mat to keep dirt and sand out? When it comes in outdoor mats there are few different styles, here we will break down each style so you can choose your perfect one.

Synthetic Mesh

Synthetic Mesh Mats use breathable fabric to ensure the grass below is not killed, as well being rot-proof and UV stable. 

They generally need to be pegged down in order for them stand up against vast amounts sand or dirt that falls through with time so these are best used on flat surfaces like fields where there isn’t too much ground movement occurring.

Weight Comparison

When you’re shopping for a mat, it is important to consider the weight. Synthetic Mesh styles can be lighter than Foam / Rubber mats as they don’t have any rubber material in them and are only made out of high-quality synthetics like polyester or nylon instead.

CGear Matting

The top of the line when it comes to camping mats is CGear Multimats. Their patented multi-layer weave technology allows dirt, sand and dust to fall through their durable product without allowing anything else back up – they’re made with reinforced edges that won’t tear or fray even if cut.

Camec Matting

Camec’s new synthetic mesh matting with a more economical price tag is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their nettings clean and dry. 

The range was redesigned in 2017, featuring key improvements like tighter weave that no longer allows dirt or sticks through; reinforced edges will help you peg down stakes better than before as well.

PVC Foam

PVC foam or rubber matting is a denser coverage mat that lies flat on the ground with no need to peg. 

The greater coverage gives a softer feel underfoot than the meshing mats but can be easily swept and doesn’t have any dirt falling through it because there are gaps between each board for air circulation, so this type of surface will never become saturated like some woven flooring might after heavy use in wet areas.

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WEISSHORN 3M X 2.5M Annex Matting

ANNEXE MAT 5M GREY L 00 600x600 1

Weisshorn 5 X 2.5M Annex Floor Mat

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Annex Matting

Caravan annex flooring is the perfect solution for every caravan owner looking to enjoy their holiday outdoors. 

The benefits of having such a product are endless, from creating an extra seating area or storing equipment while still allowing you access in wet conditions without getting bogged down with mud – there really isn’t any downside.

Benefits You’ll Get from Using a Mat
  • Keeps the dirt from tracking in when you have your RV
  • It provides more comfort underfoot, especially if you’re sitting or lying down outside
  • It will provide you with more breathability and comfort for your underlying ground which means happier breaks from hot weather
  • A way to easily disperse water and dirt

In addition to size and surface, you might want to consider the type of matting for your carport. There are many different styles on offer like grass or concrete which will each have their advantages depending on what’s most important in your situation. 

For example if it needs durability then maybe those types aren’t always ideal because they wear down easily over time with use but could work well as insulation between two surfaces where minimal maintenance would suffice (such as decking).

Some caravanners will go the way of using shade-cloth material as an alternative to proper annex matting. While this may seem like a cheap option, there are many drawbacks including low durability and comfort levels when compared with other materials such as carpeting or vinyl flooring which can also be used for camping purposes instead.

For a start, shade-cloth that is purchased by the metre won’t have proper reinforcement around its edges and as such are more susceptible to fraying. Depending on what material it’s made out of usually requires eyelets or pegs in order peg down your matting securely so you don’t end up with anything detached from place at all.

The use of shade cloth is not as beneficial for plants because it does not disperse water or dirt. The weave is tighter than standard annex making the ground underneath smother and eventually killing grass under its weight; in addition wash-off properties are usually present when walking on slippery surfaces like those found with fibreglass strands that make up this material.


7M X 2.5M Annex Matting 600 GSM

Made from foamed PVC that is soft, porous and breathable, the Annex Matting is permitted for use in caravan parks and more. It is also ideal for laying on grass, stone or rough surfaces to create a comfortable sitting and lying area.


 Annex Matting 5 x 2.5M Grey

Weisshorn 6M Annex Matting Pack of 2x 3 x2.5m Floor Mats Mesh Camping Picnic Weisshorn

Weisshorn 6M Annex Matting Pack of 2x 3 x2.5m


  • Heavy-duty
  • UV treated
  • Porous and breathable
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Caravan parks permissible
  • Non-slip
  • Bonus carry bag
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WEISSHORN 4M X 2.5M Annex Matting Floor Mats


  • Material: 450gsm foamed PVC
  • Dimensions: 4m x 2.5m
  • Colour: Grey

Package Content

  •  Annex Matting x1
  • (2) Carry Bag
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Camec Annex Matting 3.0m X 2.5m Grey

Product Features:– Breathable fabric ensures that underlying grass is not killed

  • Attractive two tone weave
  • Warm, non-slip finish
  • Close weave allows air to circulate whilst stopping insects and worms from coming through
  • Exceptionally hard-wearing, rot proof and UV stabilised
  • Easy to clean – just hose down
  • Hemmed for extra strength
  • Pegging eyelets around matting
  • Reusable carry bag

Specifications:– Dimensions (m): 3.0(L) x 2.5(W)

Choosing the right mat to suit your size and function

A mat is an essential part of your caravanning equipment. The right size and material are key to making it comfortable for you while away from home, especially in tough conditions like those found out there on the road or field.

A good idea would be match up with what space suits best – whether its at a campsite after some fishing time has passed by, during family barbecues when everyone gathers round around one larger than life campfire flame;or even just inside where warmth prevails throughout winter nights meant for sleeping outside under stars.

Floor Measurements: Determine Best Fit for Your Purposes

The durability and reliability of your matting solution are important considerations before you purchase it. 

Take the time to figure out how much floor space will be covered, whether fully or partially with a carpeting like these mats which can withstand harsh weather conditions outside but come up clean after just one quick hose down.

The Ultimate Guide to Caravan and Annexe or Awning Set Up

Before you decide to buy, it’s important that all of your requirements are taken into account. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your expectations when it comes to flooring?
  • How much foot traffic is likely to use this outdoor mat?
  • What are you going to do with this outdoor space
  • Will I have the tools required (access to water and hoses) in order to clean my mat carefully before stowing away for an extended period of time??
  • Are you interested in selecting sustainable, recycled materials that can improve your carbon footprint?

Your caravan annexe or awning should be sturdy and, if possible, professionally fitted to your setup. Work with the supplier ahead of time so that you can get durable yet functional add-ons for best suitability.

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Camec Annex Matting 4.5m X 2.5m Grey


Outback Explorer Multi Purpose Annex Matting


Outback Explorer Multi Purpose Annex Matting -Green