40L Portable Water Tank - Product Review

Portable Water Tank

For more than thirty years, the Weisshorn 40L Portable Water Tank has been a popular choice of industrial, municipal and domestic plumbing/electrical maintenance/utility supplier. The product is designed to be both safe and effective. 

It was specifically engineered for heavy-duty applications because of its heavy-duty performance, high efficiency, durability and reliability. It’s rated at up to 110 volts of continuous water delivery. The manufacturer provides installation or repair service through their nationwide network of plumbers and other contractors.

In addition to all of these fantastic features, the water tank in question can also store cold drinks such as coffee. One of the reasons why the portable water tank-blue has become such a popular choice is that it can replace any water bottle in one’s bag. This is especially great because one does not have to worry about the water getting contaminated. There is a significantly reduced chance of one getting sick when carrying a bottle of water.

This Portable Water Tank has been designed with easy to use controls and advanced safety features that make it safe, reliable and easy to operate.

This Portable Water Tank features an automatic pump control, push-button bottom mounting flange, stainless steel construction, dual locking valves, non-slip flooring, weatherproof electronic control panel and easy to read LED indicator. 

The Portable Water Tank is available in a variety of different configurations. The standard model offers twenty gallons and can be converted to an eighty-gallon tank easily. 

It is also available with various pump configurations that include digital controls and constant pressure pumping. With an expansion port, it can be easily added to an existing forty-gallon tank for convenient water storage.

Portable Water Tank

The Portable Water Tank is also available with a high-efficiency water heater. It comes with a ten-gallon hot water tank and a high-efficiency pump that pumps water eight times per minute. 

This high water pumping rate ensures that there is never a moment when the water supply runs low. You are guaranteed to have plenty of water for all of your projects. It also comes equipped with a high temperature shut off for safety and convenience.

When you consider all of the features, it is easy to see why this tank has won so many awards, and it is regarded as a top choice by professionals everywhere. The tank is made of high-quality stainless steel.

 The pump can handle two one-gallon tanks at the same time without any problems. You can also use it in conjunction with a fifty-gallon container if one is available or a fifty-gallon drum if one was not included with the water tank.

The Portable Water Tank model has a capacity of forty gallons. It is very well built so that it will hold up over time. It has an exterior that is finished and looks great with its smooth textured surface. This Portable Water Tank also comes equipped with a safety shut off for added security, and it is finished inside with a durable rubber interior.

A Portable Water Tank made out of stainless steel will show more wear over time than one made out of plastic. This is because plastic is not as rigid as stainless steel. However, one of the best things about using this type of water container is that it will resist bacteria that could end up inside the container.

 You will be able to take it on camping trips or any other outdoor activities that you may go on. They are easy to fill with water, not worry about running out and getting water. This is just one reason why this water container is excellent for anyone who needs one.

Portable Water Tank