Simplest Installations Of 3.7M Caravan Privacy Screen

3.7M caravan privacy screen

The way this screen works is simple, and if you have a larger campervan, you simply attach two of the large earth pegs into the floor of the vehicle, which securely holds it in place. 

The remaining two can be secured to the rear of the vehicle, and they’ll act as a barrier between the pegs and whatever you might be travelling with.

If you’ve got a small caravan, the screen is completely removable, so you can still use it whilst still travelling if required. 

It also comes with a handy carrying case, so it’s easy to carry and easy to use at home, too, so long as you’ve got the correct connectors for the plug-in. 

The screen itself is securely held in place and is completely water and scratch-resistant, so even when you’ve got things like your tent, sleeping bag, or camping cooker on the back of the screen, there’s no danger.

3.7M Caravan Privacy Screen - High-Quality Materials

The 3.7M Caravan Privacy Screen is a revolutionary invention that does give you complete peace of mind when you travel with your camper van or caravan. 

It works by using a dual-screen system with two separate panes of glass separated by a thick, heavy urethane shield. 

This means that you have complete protection from wind, rain, sleet, and snow no matter what the weather conditions are outside. 

Best of all, this product is made from high-quality materials and uses modern manufacturing techniques, so you can trust it to last for many years without having to worry about cracking, chipping, or fading. 

This product review will explain what this screen is like and give you an idea of how you can benefit from having one.

3.7M caravan privacy screen

3.7m Caravan Privacy Screen is a revolutionary solution for the ever-increasing amount of security worries many caravan owners have on their properties. 

The main security issue with many static homes and caravans is the possibility of intruders gaining entry through windows or doors if they are left open for long periods of time. 

This is because it is not uncommon to find a caravan either parked in someone’s driveway or left outside in the summer sunshine with an open door or window left partially open. 

Caravan owners also leave valuables such as jewelry outside in the boot of their vehicle as they believe this acts as an inviting trap for would-be thieves, but what they fail to realize is that they are doing much more than “looking like a potential security risk” and could actually be inviting burglars in.

3.7M Caravan Privacy Screen solves the problem by creating a three-dimensional anti-burglar screen that not only prevents someone from entering through your windows or doors but can also provide a 3d image of what is on the other side if they have chosen to pick your valuables up instead. 

This is done using a patented image recognition technology that recognises all symbols used in writing and images such as a map, alarm clock, registration plate, etc.

This allows the 3.7M caravan privacy screen to quickly and automatically lock itself on to any other foreign objects present in its path, saving your property and belongings. 

The product is simple to install and use, and a two-button operation option means you do not have to get down on your hands and knees to operate this truly innovative security product.

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This is just one of the many outstanding features this product has to offer.  3.7M Caravan Privacy Screen is also compatible with many older model vehicles such as corridas and safaris and is available in many standard sizes. 

This means that if you want a larger or different sized product, it is very easy to upgrade to suit. 

If you want to know more about this product or to read a detailed product review, then bill out the internet, where you will find plenty of product reviews from people who have already purchased and used the product themselves.