Best Lightweight 3-Person Portable Pop Up Tent

The Weisshorn 3-Person Portable Pop Up Tent camping tent is designed for the demanding backpacker who enjoys the great outdoors. This lightweight, compact, and highly durable tent is made from aluminium and features a modern design that can please every camper need. The lightweight tent is also easy to set up and take down quickly and easily.

The Portable Pop Up Tent is rated as one of the best lightweight models available and has received numerous positive reviews. A campsite with a tent-like this one is highly recommended to anyone interested in enjoying the great outdoors. 

Even though the Portable Pop Up Tent is very lightweight, it performs like a heavy-duty tent. The tent is completely waterproof and has been tested to be at least ten times more effective at containing water exposure than other backpacking tents.

The Portable Pop Up Tent is easy to set up, making it perfect for a first-time camper or someone who hasn’t ever backpacked before. The design of the tent is very simplistic and makes it very easy to assemble. 

This Portable Pop Up Tent is also very lightweight, making it very easy to transport from camp to camp. The tent is available in four different colours, which can range from black to silver.

Another great feature of the Weisshorn Portable Pop Up Tent is its unique design which is a rear door pocket. The pocket allows you to store your gear, much like you would in an army pack. 

The Portable Pop Up Tent is also very roomy inside and offers lots of room to move around. This is a perfect tent for those looking for a large room with plenty of room to spread out.

Other great features include the fact that it is very roomy inside and that the tent and its fly are entirely water-resistant. Another great feature is that this backpack is very lightweight and is very easy to pack up and take along on a backpacking trip. 

Portable Pop Up Tent
Portable Pop Up Tent

For anyone who loves the outdoors, the Portable Pop Up Tent feature of the tent is highly appreciated. The tent is designed so that it is super easy to set up and is compatible with most older model backpacks. 

It also comes with a built-in footprint that allows the tent to lay flat when not in use, making it very comfortable to sleep on even in the coldest weather conditions.

The Weisshorn Portable Pop Up Tent also has many handy features that make it very useful for backpacking trips. One of these features is the mesh stash pocket, which allows you to carry many items in a small space. 

The mesh pocket is also waterproof and can easily be attached to the backpack for stowing or left in place when not in use. The tent is also big enough to accommodate an air mattress, which will cool you off during the night.


This is because the backpack has been designed with its contents compacted into a tiny bundle, reducing the weight it requires to carry. In addition to this, the backpack has an easy to remove zipper, which means that anyone can disassemble the entire item, should they need to do some cleaning.

As mentioned previously, the tent is extremely lightweight, making it very easy to pack up and take along. This feature is another reason that makes the Weisshorn such a great choice for anyone who wants a lightweight backpack. 

Another great thing about the tent is that it comes with a footprint, which allows you to determine the amount of time you will wear the tent before putting it up and taking it down. This is important, as you do not want to be relying on this feature to provide adequate protection when you are in a situation where there is a chance that the ground could be wet due to rain or other conditions.

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