3 Person Camping Tent: Quality Affordable Camping

3 person hiking tent

The Oztrail Hiker 3 Person Hiking Tent is a wonderful product for any backyard. This tent is very durable, lightweight and easy to set up. This tent has many features, and it can be adjusted as required depending on your needs and weather conditions. The following are the different aspects of this product.

The most important feature of the 3 Person Hiking Tent is that it is very durable. The tent is made from UV and water-resistant polyester material, which make it very attractive to use. When you set up the tent, you tie the four corners with ropes and pump them up. If you want to move the tent, all you have to do is unzip its wheels and pull them down. Moreover, it has an anodized door for convenience.

Moreover, this 3 Person Hiking Tent comes with an Entrance shade awning. Like most tents, this one also has an Entrance shade canopy with a zipper back. The shade canopy is attached to the tent poles with Velcro straps. This provides an instant shelter whenever you feel the sun’s heat and rain. Even in daytime, the canopy helps block the strong sunshine from entering the tent’s interior.

Another very important feature of the 3 Person Hiking Tent makes it an ideal choice for family outings. The tent includes an accessory called the shade canopy. It is attached to the front of the tent canopy. This shade canopy can be used to provide shade to the entire tent area. No matter how hot the sun is, the canopy helps keep the people inside the tent cool.

Moreover, the setup tent also includes a mesh window that allows ventilation. The mesh window allows fresh air to enter the tent. Hence, the inside of the tent will remain cool even if there is a strong breeze outside. 

The mesh window can also be closed to provide complete darkness inside the tent. This feature of the tent makes it ideal for trips and camping where the campers need to stay awake all night.

3 person hiking tent
3 person hiking tent

Also, the setup tent includes a 3 Person Hiking Tent suitable for families with more than three members.

The weight of the tent is slightly more than three pounds. This is lightweight and easy to carry while camping or going out on a trip. Moreover, the canopy provides full UV protection. To store the tent, one can choose to use the attached ladder.

It has mesh windows that can be drawn to let fresh air into the tent. It has two poles with D-rings for attaching the canopy to the ceiling. This tent has a slight slope at its front edge to facilitate easy setup and to reduce the possibility of its slipping on slippery surfaces.

Another major advantage of the tent is that the user can adjust it as their body grows. This is because the canopy can be set at various heights. Moreover, this tent does not impede the movement of a person when sleeping. However, the weight of the canopy adds to its weight, so a person must ensure that he or she is capable of carrying the weight.

Although this tent is very light, it is important to ensure that the structure is strong enough to support the weight of the occupants. Moreover, the installation of the tent requires at least four hands. A single person can set it up, but an added hand would make things easier. 

This tent has proved to be the best camping equipment for campers who want to enjoy the experience without carrying heavy packs. The tent has made it very easy to live in the wild.

3 Person Hiking Tent Features
  • Tri-Max pole system
  • Front and rear doors plus large side windows for excellent ventilation
  • Generous head height throughout the length of the tent
  • Large vestibules for sheltered additional gear storage
  • Short pole sections and compact carry bag make it ideal for backpacking
  • Large front and rear vestibule for sheltered additional gear storage
3 person hiking tent