3.4M Caravan Privacy Screen Features A High Security

.4m caravan outdoor security screen

The 3.4m Caravan Privacy Screen security screen is the next most beneficial thing in caravans as far as outdoor security goes. It has all of the features of a high-security screen but with a twist. 

It comes with an extremely robust locking system and includes a complete shade rating: 95%. 

This means that the product offers the same level of protection as other high -security caravans. Still, it has the added advantage of being able to provide full privacy whilst you’re out and about. 

It even incorporates a locking mechanism that locks down the entire panel from the front so that you can keep out intruders whilst still keeping your car or camper safe and protected.

A Great Way to Protect Your Vehicle From the Outdoors

The 3.4m Caravan Privacy Screen has everything that you would want in a security product and beyond. If you were looking for the ultimate protection, then this is the product for you, offering everything you need in the name of security and comfort.

UV protection is the most important factor that affects the durability of your screen. Many vehicle manufacturers offer UV protection, but only a few of them offer it as an option on their products. 

We recommend this UV protection as it protects the fabric of your caravan from direct sunlight. You can expect your screen to last a good ten years or more with proper UV protection.

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Extreme weather protection our caravan screen also offers powerful weather protection. It can be fully closed in case of a thunderstorm, and it also has a storm door that is extremely strong and durable. 

This storm door is also used as a safety door between your Caravan and the Caravan Privacy Screen because of the strength it allows the two to remain firmly locked together whilst the storm is raging.

Light absorption is another factor that affects the protection of your caravan screen.

 When you install a Caravan Privacy Screen, it will be surrounded by light, the screen filter won’t allow all that light to pass through, and some amount of this light will be reflected. 

The Caravan Privacy Screen can be locked and unlocked using either a keypad or magnetic pin, making it easier to use and ensures that no one can easily access your vehicle.

Once you’re parked, you can turn on the screen and view what’s going on just like you would if you were in your home, and anyone who looks at the screen won’t be able to see you or know who you are.

You’ll find that it’s nearly impossible for anyone to break into your vehicle, even if they do have the key.

There are no bars on this security product, which means that you can rest easy knowing that no one can push through the bars and get to the interior of your car.

This is a virtually indestructible product, offering you and your family the ultimate in security, comfort, and convenience whilst you’re driving.

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If you’ve decided that it’s time to take the privacy of your car park to the next level then the 3.4m caravan privacy screen may be the perfect solution for you.

 This portable, self-contained, motorised car park shade can help protect you from the elements, not only helping to keep the car clean but also ensuring you are enjoying your holidays to the fullest. 

Made from a tough, durable material, with a triple-layered polyurethane shield, this product will last you years and look great every day.

 The triple-layered shield means no sunlight can enter the car from any angle, ensuring the peace of mind that you are enjoying your holidays to the fullest, no matter how hot the weather is on the coast.