12 Great Camping Grounds Near Adelaide

Adelaide camping grounds

If you are planning a weekend trip in the Southern Adelaide region, it is important to find the right Adelaide camping grounds that will make your time at camp a fun and safe experience. 

Camping at an Adelaide camp site can provide you with the peace and quiet of a caravan park, but will also give you access to some of the most breathtaking views in the country.

Most camping grounds will have all the amenities and facilities you need to enjoy a good outdoor night, including showers, toilets and power sockets.

However, before you make plans for your trip it is worth visiting some of the more popular campsites to get a feel for the level of service and facilities available and compare the various options.

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onkaparinga national park

Onkaparinga River National Park

The Advertiser reports that the River Road area in the city is one of the most popular Australian locations to take up camp because it offers great scenery from the comfort of a motor car.

The ideal place to start a journey at The Advertiser camping grounds is at the Braemar Park car park, which is just south of the city centre.

Here you can relax on the bank of the Braemar River, sample some local fare, and explore the nearby natural parks and waterways.

Another interesting place to visit is Pink Gum campground in Onkaparinga River National Park, it can be found only 35 kilometres south of the CBD.

Here you can find 11 camping grounds good for tents, caravans, campervans and campertrailers. Each campsite is fitted out with there own fire pit just perfect for keeping the chill off on a cool night.

There is also a new gorge lookout post at the Punchbowl, a new trail network, and plenty of rock climbing facilities.

Croom Park

Just north of the town centre, at Croom Park you will be close to many other sightseeing attractions.

There are many different types of accommodation available at Croom Park, ranging from backpackers accommodation to luxurious campsite packages.

The area surrounding Croom Park is known for its beautiful scenery and natural beauty, and you will find plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops to stop at while you are exploring the area.

For those who prefer to stay closer to home there are many Adelaide campsites available near the banks of the Adelaide River.

These campsites are often serviced by public bus services and free taxi services, making it easy to reach Croom Park or other Adelaide campsites.

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tree overhanging rocks

Discover Wildlife Like No Other

The Wirra camping ground is located on the northeastern corner of Para Wirra Conservation Park, situated on the banks of Deep Creek.

The campground is home to many birds and local wildlife and is popular for surf fishing, canoeing and kayaking. It is one of the premier caravan parks in the
National Parks Australia.

The park includes a wide variety of natural vegetation and woodland, dramatic rock formations and abundant water.

The Wirra campground in Para Wirra Conservation Park lies on Adelaide’s northeast fringe just 43 kilometres from Adelaide CBD. The campground has 19 sites with caravans, tents, caravan trailers and other caravans suitable for larger groups.

The park is a very good destination for a short
holiday getaway for those who love the outdoors and wish to discover a unique and out of the ordinary Australian experience.

You will not find similar bushland or coastal camping grounds in the area and if you are looking for a truly bush camping adventure, then you have found it as the Wirra is set apart from the rest by its remote nature.

The Adelong region

A great way to explore the Adelong region is to make use of the deep creek conservation park carvers. These carvers take you on a walking tour of the many beautiful rivers, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, wetlands and forests of the park.

Each week, a new trail is created and you are encouraged to walk, drive or bike as you explore the region. Each weekend, there is a special event based on a local theme and each includes a BBQ, entertainment and local bushwalk.

To make your stay even more enjoyable, you should consider booking an accommodation that allows you to explore
the wonderful land of the Adelong region by day, hike at night or participate in various bushwalking trails during the weekends.

When staying at one of the many Para Wirra Conservation Park Accommodations, you are guaranteed to have the peace and quiet that is needed to really unwind and recharge the body and mind. 

Most of the Para Wirra Accommodations are located in the bushland areas of the park and offer views that range from the clear blue sky of the Great Dividing Range to the rushing waters of the Flinders Ranges.

You will be in the company of some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna, as well as the native birds
and wildlife that call the park home.

hiking in Australia
kangaroo in outback

The Australian outback

The birds and wildlife that inhabit the Australian Outback are unique and are worth exploring just as much
as the sights and sounds of the beautiful landscape, waterfalls, lakes, forests, gorges, mountain ranges
and indigenous vegetation.

Many visitors love the opportunity to hike the many trails in the park and participate in the bushwalking activities. You can discover wildlife like kangaroos, wallabies, possums and more.

If you like to camp, you will find plenty of facilities to accommodate your vehicle and stay
overnight. So, when you come to Adelaide, make sure to visit the Para Wirra Conservation Park to experience
a truly amazing adventure.